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Digital Niyabinghi Picks His Favourite Jungle Techno Records

Back in the early 90s, Paul Ibiza’s Ibiza Records label introduced the underground to a form of music they called jungle techno. Compacted with reggae bass lines, techno sound palettes and distinctly dancehall flavours, the sounds pioneered by outfits like Noise Factory, Potential Badboy and Ibiza himself helped influence the evolution of the jungle genre. Striking in their rawness, the ideas that the productions manage to wrap up still feel relevant now, some 24 years later.

Returning with a new sound that he calls jungle dub, under the name Digital Niyabinghi, Paul Ibiza’s managed to once again channel the pioneering spirit of jungle into his new productions, working to maximize the space and bass pressure of his frequencies. Rooted firmly in soundsystem culture and still acting as a truly independent figure, he’s kindly elected to share a brand new and unheard track, ‘Nite And Day Dub,’ with the world ahead of his impending appearance in the Rompa’s Reggae Shack hosted Room Three on Friday 19th December.

Download: Digital Niyabinghi - Nite And Day Dub

We also asked him if he’d kindly help us better understand the style and depth of penetration his jungle and jungle techno music achieved all back in the early days so he’s selected 10 tracks released between 1991 and 1994 that best represent the spirit of the movement...

Noise Factory – Jungle Techno – 1991

‘Jungle Techno’ was the first Jungle tune ever, and I can make that claim back in 1991.

Potential Badboy – Greetings – 1992

‘Greetings’ was Potential Badboy's first tune on my label in 1992 and included a rasta sample which now is what Jungle Dub is all about.

Ibiza Records – Bad Girl – 1992

‘Bad Girl’ was created in 1992 and is about an ex that turned into a bad girl in the end – this seemed to happen a lot back then to the guys on the scene.

Progression – Jungle Dream – 1992

‘Jungle Dream’ was simply that. I was living in the jungle dream that was taking shape in front of me - it all felt like a dream back then.

Ibiza Records – Memories - 1992

‘Memories’ made in 1992 just reminds me of the warehouse party days back in 1989; some sweet memorises of old.

Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush - 1993

‘Can You Feel The Rush’ in 1993 was one of the label’s top selling tunes and was the pinnacle anthem of its time. It still give me goose bumps when I hear it now.

Potential Badboy – 4 The Ladies – 1993

‘4 The Ladies’ was made back in 1993. It was a crossover of rare groove, the first of it's kind and was a ladies tune. They still go mad for it even today.

Progression – Lost In The Jungle – 1992

‘Lost In The Jungle’ came out in 1992 and was the tune that expressed how deep in the jungle we had gone. It reminds of a lot of those good times.

Kemet Records – Champions Of Champions - 1994

Champions of champions was a statement tune back then. We wanted to set the precedent of where we were at as a label.

Family Of Intelligence – Agony -1994

‘Agony’ was another classic tune that had dancehall flavours and always does damage on the dancefloor. It always creates the party atmosphere.

Friday 19th December

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