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DJ Haus' Top Ten Homemade Youtube Videos

K, so this newest Crate Diggin’ feature, which comes courtesy of none other than the Unknown To The Unknown label boss, DJ Haus, may at first seem like a list of “dudes just making too much music and making dumbass videos online” but as he got into the process it seems that Haus couldn’t help also providing us with some stellar jams - including both a pumping club cut from Bodyjack and an edgy, groove-laden number from Lobster Theremin prospect Route 8 in his selection. A man renowned for curating the finest in feel good ‘90s style house, we're of course nothing but excited to welcome him back to Room One next month alongside the likes of DJ EZ and Moxie…

Marcus Mixx

DJ Haus: My man Marcus Mixx is the KING of this homemade Youtube shit. Some of it's NSFW but hey, it's not supposed to be, right?

This one is just a bonus! He makes music videos for you for just $50.

Alias G

Alias G, aka my man Vern, films himself pretending to DJ to his tracks and posts them online. It's kind of cool... oh, and you can buy this on on UTTU if you want...

Hurfy D

Yep this track rocks and so does my man Hurfy. Ya dig?


This is my man right here!


UK Funky died years ago, right?


Yeah, it's my channel. And what?!

Pelvis TV

Australia's finest created a Youtube channel full of obscure footage and DJ mixes. This one is kind of dope.

Only Vibez

Yes, my Kiwi I think? Only Vibez.

Friday 17th July

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