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DJ Marky's Top Tracks Currently On Rotation

Landing in our inbox all the way from Brazil just yesterday is our latest Crate Diggin’ selection from DJ Marky. For the occasion, the Brazilian selector has dug through the crates to curate his own personal playlist of the tracks that are currently on heavy rotation in his DJ sets - a combination of classics and contemporary cuts including his own upcoming flex Ready To Go set to be released on Innerground in the near future. And, as we draw closer to the next Marky & Friends instalment, where he'll be piloting our first space with a 3 hour set alongside guests like Calibre, Skeptical and Lynx the playlist is also the perfect way to inspire excitement for the occasion.

Lynx & Maple - Shaku (Digital Soundboy Records)

DJ Marky: My number one Lynx track and everytime I play it, it gives me goose bumps. I still think how many months Steve Lynx spent at the studio to make this tune because from my point of view it’s a masterpiece!

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel (31 Records

A game changer!!! Absolutely classic and I’ll never forget when I went to Swerve at Velvet Rooms (what a club!) and Fabio played this tune. I went absolutely crazy and the next day I went to Bar Rumba and Jumpin’ Jack Frost played it as well. I was desperate. When it came out I bought three copies of this record gave one to Patife and of course he lost it! But yeah, I still play this track because it changed my life completely!

Potential Badboy Feat. Demolition Man & Show Stephens (Tyke Remix) - (Playaz Recordings)

I really love all the versions of this tracks but my favourite is definitely the remix by the Mighty Tyke. Absolute Killer! The reaction of this track is amazing. Every time I play I want to leave the turntables and jump on the dance floor.

TC - Hold On (3Beat Recordings)

A very, very personal track to me because Tom TC sent it to me way before the final version and I've been playing it like mad ever since. Also, it’s my son's favourite track so it’s very special. I always start or finish my sets with this track!

DJ Marky - Ready 2 Go (Innerground Recordings Dubplate)

Ready 2 Go is a track totally inspired by soul & funk music. Deep groovy sexy drum n’ bass that definitely makes you want to move! It’s not out yet but it’s coming out very soon.

Calibre & DJ Marky - The Amen Tune

Well everybody knows that I’m a massive fan of the mighty Calibre and his name in Brazil is enormous so there’s not much more I can say about him! We made this track back when he last visited Brazil in 2010 and for about 5 years after only me and him played it - like the old dubplate days! We definitely need to make more tracks together.

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