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D'Julz's Five Favourite One Records Cuts

I’m writing this introduction fresh from sitting down with One Records co-founder, Adam Shelton. We went over the journey that has led him towards the label’s 5th birthday that we're set to celebrate in Room Two at the end of the month (something which you'll get to read in full next week) and one thing that really became apparent is the value he's placed on being able to get closer to his heroes; those established artists who he's always looked up to. One of these such individuals is D'Julz - a DJ often noted as a leader in his field and whose own Bass Culture records has long established a raw and compelling breed of house cuts. He's among the crew who are set to form the bill of the party at hand and here D’Julz pays homage to Shelton (and Subb-an's) own quality imprint, picking out his personal favourites from their half a decade strong catalogue...

1. One006 - Various Artists

It's not easy to make a good ‘various’ EP and this one has the right combination. All the tracks are very different but yet describe perfectly the identity of the label. In other words, a great introduction to One Records.

2. One011 Yakine - Last Harmony

A superb deep track from a very talented but far too rare french producer. He recently moved to Berlin to focus on music, which is a good news. I can't wait to hear his new tracks.

3. One026 - Subb-an & Tuccillo - Day Motion (Point G remix)

This is what you get when two great producers team up and get remixed by the hottest guy in town. Another bomb from the unstoppable Gregory.

4. One029 - John Dimas - Hypnotise Me (Nail remix)

John is a very talented Greek producer whom I have known for several years and he released one of his first records on my label Bass Culture. Here he gets remixed by the legendary Nail and what a remix! I played this track in all of my sets for a good 6 months!

5. One031 Acid Mondays -Schlurptastic (D'Julz Jam)

I like these guy's music a lot so it was a pleasure to remix them and ended up doing two. I spent a lot of time on the first mix, however it's the second one which was just an improvised jam I did in 2 hours that ended up getting played the most . As often with house music, the more spontaneous the better.


Saturday 31st January

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