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As one half of Newham Generals (alongside D Double E), Footsie has long epitomized the type of talent and work ethic that's helped propel grime music's current [re]surge in popularity. At one time it was almost impossible to host a party that had grime artists on the bill but now entire festival stages are being devoted to the 140bpm craft and celebrating the teems of distinctive voices that go hard, riding on top of the stark, jagged rhythms. Now, a lot of people would call Footsie an unsung hero, and yes, I do include myself in that camp. Foots' music, and his, lyrics have appeared on countless classics and his influence undoubtedly reaches a lot further than he's often credited for. As we've got him in the building this Friday night at Logan Sama's Keepin' It Grimy in Room Two we figured that we'd try and use it as an opportunity to get to know Footsie a little better but we soon realised that there would be no one better placed to tell us about Footsie than, well... Footsie himself. So, we asked him to pick some of his favourite musical moments from his career to date.

This is what he delivered...

D Double E & Footsie - War Wid

Footsie: "This was the first track I produced and vocalled with D Double E - this track basically laid the path. We was actually both in Nasty Crew when we did this track."

Footsie - Spookfest

"Both the beat and vocal did a lot of work for me, gots to big up da 'Spookfest'."

CAS - Nigella

"This was the first time I'd worked with the masked avenger and he absolutely killed it."

Dizzee Rascal - Couple Of Stacks

"The first music vid to be rated 18. Dizzee pushing the boundaries on a Footsie instrumental."

Dizzee Rascal - Pagans

"The sickest grime video. To be a part of this project was a honour."

Friday 26th February

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