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Hackman's Favourite '80s Funk Tracks

A product of the shifting landscape of constantly intersecting dance music, Hackman’s developed into a unique prospect as an artist. Winning fans and supporters with his colourful house music he’s released on a smattering of labels like Ramp Recordings offshoot, PTN, Well Rounded, Greco Roman, Future Boogie and, most recently, Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision. Establishing himself as a producer with a solid foundation in that vital groove necessary to move and hypnotize a dancefloor, what’s also very evident when you listen to his music is his love of chords, complimentary samples and the vibrancy the two can create together.

With his debut album slated for release later this year and an appearance in Room Three on 17th April looming, we caught up with him to ask if he wouldn’t mind sharing a few of his favourite tunes, so we could get a better contextual framework to digest his music properly. What he’s delivered is a glimpse into his love of ‘80s funk and pop music, a genre that’s undoubtedly influenced the way he puts together tunes like ‘Carry On’.

“As pop music has evolved over the last half a century, I think a lot of the soul and musicality has been lost along the way," Hackman offers of his selection; "particularly in the last 10 years or so. For me, the music being released in the '80s was the best pop that’s ever existed and it makes the current chart topping music sound cold, sterile, and lifeless."

"The following are some of my favourite tracks released in this period, all of which ooze with soul and groove, to the point where I find it impossible to keep still whilst listening to them. I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing 'Midas Touch' in my sets!"

Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin'

The Jets - Rocket 2 U (Extended Mix)

Rah Band - Messages From The Stars

Stephanie Mills - The Medicine Song

Class Action - Weekend

Midnight Star - Midas Touch

Syreeta - Can’t Shake Your Love

Dolos - Night So RIght (Club Mix)

Orlando Johnson & Trance - Turn the Music On

Yarbrough & Peoples - Don’t Stop The Music

Watch Hackman's Favourite '80s Funk Tracks as a YouTube playlist here.

Friday 17th April

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