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Jesse Rose's Favourite Bugz In The Attic Anthems

On Friday the 3rd October we’re handing the control of Room Three over to the enigmatic Bugz In The Attic (pictured above) for the entire evening; a fact that evidently hasn’t escaped our Room One host on that very same evening, Jesse Rose. Already a very vocal fan of the incredibly influential nine man strong West London Bugz collective, Rose, - who’ll appear on the same night alongside Oliver $, Klangkarussell and more under the banner of his Play It Down Presents Community - took the chance to pay homage to the ubiquitous sound of his youth by selecting us a few of his favourites.

"Growing up in West London's Ladbroke Grove, Bugz in the Attic were to us what Masters At Work and Francios K. must have been to Manhattanites," Rose offers of his experiences with their music. "Put simply, they were the dons. If Seiji, Kaidi, Orin, Daz or any of the others dropped a track at the likes of [their club night] Co-Op, it was a stamp of quality, for sure. When my friend Chris Belsey and I started a little label, we tried to get involved; it must have been like, what are these jokers doing? But slowly and surely we started working together, from getting a remix by one of the guys, to booking them at one of our Loungin' events around London. I had never played much broken beat in my sets before but growing up in West London meant that what they did - and still do now - makes perfect sense to me. They are a group that will hold their place in history, with a discography that's packed with quality."

4 Hero - Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attic Remix)

“The Bugz have always been the champions of remixing; twisting the original tracks with new beats but keeping great song structures. When this came out it was literally played everywhere I went across Ladbroke Grove.

Seiji - Loose Lips

“In the summer of 2002 this track was the biggest anthem of the broken beat scene, without a doubt. Seiji had the beats, Lyric L had the rhythm and the rest is history.”

Bugz In The Attic - Zombie

“A big, big, classic Bugz moment.”

Bugz In The Attic - Booty (LaLa)

“If Bugz had been putting out tracks in the 80's this surly would have gone to the top 10 in the UK charts.”

Bugz In The Attic - Don't Stop The Music (Switch Remix)

“Remember when Switch made broken beat? No? Well then, here you go… “

Bugs In The Attic - Expression (Bugs Souled2Soul Dub Mix)

“For me Bugz have always been about beats and this characterises what they do with drum programming perfectly (in my humble opinion).”

Mark De Clive-Lowe - Move On Up (Bugz Opaque Remix)

“Just a massive tune and a massive moment in broken beat.”

Jesse’s picks are also available as a YouTube playlist here.

Friday 3rd October

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