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Kasra's Top 5 Metalheadz/Jubei's Top 5 Critical Tracks

Simply put, in this edition of our Crate Diggin' feature we asked two of drum & bass' most potent figures, Critical boss Kasra and the Metalheadz signed producer, Jubei to pick their five favourite tracks from each other's respective camp ahead of their back to back set at Critical Sound in Room Two on Friday 10th October...

"When I started Critical, Metalheadz was definitely one of my main inspirations," offers Kasra, by way of an explanation of his motivations for initially suggesting this feature. "It's a label that for me encapsulated everything a great label should be: innovative, diverse and with a sound you could recognise instantly. It remains to this day a benchmark of quality.

"Ahead of our back to back set in Room Two on 10th October, I asked Paul to pick his 5 favourite Critical tracks," he says, genuinely gripped and interested in the outcome of Jubei's choices; "and I picked my favourite 5 'Headz tunes, something which was almost an impossible task... my list could have been 25 tunes strong!"

Kasra's Top 5 Metalheadz Tracks:

Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost:

Dillinja - The Angels Fell:

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Lose Control:

Rufige Kru - Beachdrifta:

Source Direct - A Made Up Sound:

Jubei's Top 5 Critical Tracks:

Alias - Van Cleef:

Icicle - Lost Hours:

Rockwell - Underpass:

Breakage - Blue Mountain:

Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile:

Both lists are available as playlists on YouTube here: Kasra's Top 5 Metalheadz Tracks and here: Jubei's Top 5 Critical Tracks.

Friday 10th October

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