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Kim Ann Foxman's Top 5 Acid Tracks

If you've seen Kim Ann Foxman DJ of late then you’ve most probably had your mind blown by her selection of bumping, acid laced grooves. It’s a sound and production approach that seems to be resonating most strongly with the NYC based producer at the minute; it’s especially prominent on the second release on her Firehouse imprint. The opening track, ‘Open In The House,’ riffs off sonic references to Chicago's acid heyday over which Foxman adds her personal touch with her glistening vocals. Along with the rest of the EP, this track was created in Foxman’s new digs, which is a disused Firehouse no less. Hoping that her relocation will draw on the history and heart of another musical city that she holds dear to her heart, in New York, the metropolitan rush is definitely permeating through, creating a wigged out kind of insanity on the dancefloor.

With Foxman set for a return to Room One this Saturday night (28th February) where she’ll be joining her collaborator and friend, Maya Jane Coles, in the booth and with such an obvious passion set out for sounds from the 303, we tasked the artist to dig deep into her collection and pull out some of her favourite acid tracks ahead of her appearance…
"It's honestly way too hard to narrow down my favourite classic acid tracks into only 5 picks so here's a mixed bag of sorts - acid tracks that I love in no particular order."

Maurice - This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze)

"This classic acid house is obvious, for a good reason, cause it deserves to be at the top of everyone’s list! One of my favs. It never gets boring to me."

Annette - Dream 17

"This is a real beauty, a classic melodic acid tune with some lush haunting vocals. This is the kind of gem that will make you close your eyes on the dancefloor."

Armando - Downfall

"I love this relentless acid bassline. Armando sure knows how to do his acid right."

James Jack Rabbit Martin ‎– Only Wanted To Be (Acid Mix)

"This is a real banger in the best kind of way - spooky vocals over some sick acid. If you heard it out on the dance floor you would might lose your mind."

Da Posse feat. Christa Jordan - In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix)

"I love acid and I love freestyle vocals, so this is a winner for me. The only problem that I have with this track is that I love it so much, I wish it was longer."

Kim Ann Foxman's own acid jam Firehouse Two is out this March on her label Firehouse, more info at

Saturday 28th February

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