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Marcel Dettmann's 10 Most Influential '90s Berlin Club Techno Tracks

You don't need us to tell you that Berlin is one of the most musically wealthy cities on this planet. And when it comes to techno, one of the individuals who has become one of the German industrial metropolises most influential and creative of forces is Marcel Dettmann. His own path to such a position is rooted in formative visits to the city in the mid '90s where he travelled from his home town on the outskirts of the city to spaces like Tresor and E-Werk to hear the latest records flown over from Chicago and Detroit mixed into local productions that were beginning to come through from Berlin itself.

At home Dettmann had already started collecting records himself, going so far as to import and sell them himself from the comfort of his bedroom, making up for a lack of a record store in his home town. It's a period that clearly still holds a lot of inspiration for him considering that it laid the weighty foundations that went to lead to him setting up in Berlin itself where he began work at the iconic Hardwax record store and build his DJ residency at Berghain. This period in the '90s is also the topic that he's chosen to explore in our latest Crate Diggin' feature as we look forward to his next session in Room Two on 15th August.

This is my personal 1990s "Berlin club" selection as these tracks have all strongly influenced me as a DJ and producer. I still remember each of the days I bought every one of these records; this was a time when I couldn't wait to play the music at the club. Most of these tracks are still only available on vinyl which is the only medium that I'm really interested in, every record in my collection can tell its own story..."


1. 3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte ‎– Der Klang Der Familie [Tresor - 06]
2. Rok / Jonzon - Sequential Polka [Gigolo - 03]
3. Basic Channel ‎– Phylyps Trak [Basic Channel - 02]
4. Vainqueur ‎– Lyot (Maurizio Mix) [Maurizio - 02]
5. Traktor - Traktor Mood [Traktor]
6. Scion ‎– Emerge [Chain Reaction - 01]
7. Erik & Fiedel - Donna [MMM - 02]
8. Sound Hack - B2 [Sound Hack - 01]
9. Beroshima - Electronic Discussion [Müller - 01]
10. Hecate & Kareem ‎– The Payback A1 [Zhark - 01]

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