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Martyn & Boddika Share Their Highlights From 3024 & Nonplus+

Martyn and Boddika share a common ground in that their expression of techno was both forged in part by their drum & bass beginnings. Both of them in fact produced d&b before being drawn into more four four formed territories and it's undoubtedly a rich background that has made their approach to techno all the more compelling - both in their own production work and in the far reaches of each of their record labels. Martyn's long run his own 3024 imprint and Boddika continues to drive Nonplus+ into housing bass informed, experimental leaning sounds. The fact that they'll both be performing this Saturday night in the Nonplus+ hosted Room Two gave us the unique opportunity to have them pick their favourite tracks from each other's label catalogue, which they've done here for us...

Martyn picked: DBridge & Instra:mental - Wonder Where [Nonplus+]

A label's first release is in a lot of cases like a ‘letter of intent’. What is this label going to bring to the table that others have not? I think 'Wonder Where' is a great example of the (mini) genre that became known as Autonomic. Besides it being a really great song, it also comfortably sat in between drum & bass, techno, soul, in a weird mix of styles that was further explored in their Club Autonomic podcasts.

Boddika hypes: Martyn - Vancouver [3024]

Martyn's Great Lengths was a standout album at the time and it has stood the test of time very well. My favourite track off it has to be 'Vancouver' - a great dubby techno hybrid track.

Martyn laments: Redshape - I Feel Like Riot [Nonplus+]

What a stormer of a track! Taking slight cues from Nonplus' drum & bass roots I think Redshape really hit the nail on the head with this. I love how it builds and how the amazingly funky bassline that develops through the song. I love playing this out too.

Martyn also loves: Actress - Gershwin [Nonplus+]

Actress going Autechre x Drexciya on 'Gershwin', it really doesn't get much better than that. It’s one of my favourite Actress tracks.

Boddika reflects on: Instra:mental – Pyramid [3024]

This track was written by myself and my old partner from Instra:mental. It came after we finished our album and we still had the palette we used intact. It’s a straight up club track, it was fun to write and worked well in the clubs.

Martyn tips: Endian – Birdhouse [Nonplus+]

The first time I heard George (also one half of Commix) do something that was not 170+ BPM was 'Birdhouse'. It's got that headzy vibe but it's tucked neatly into a tribal-esque beat pattern. I really love this record and I still play this out quite a bit.

Boddika still loves: 2562 – Embrace [3024]

During this weird post-dubstep period 2562 was writing some amazing tracks with deep chords and swung beats. This track is a perfect example of this sound and I still think it’s great!

Martyn respects: Source Direct - Black Rose [Nonplus+]

It's funny, the first time I heard of Al and Damon was when they put out a record on Demonic, Source Direct's label. It's come full circle now with this re-issue of Source Directs's seminal 'Black Rose' and 'Approach & Identify', two d&b workouts of such sublime quality I'm afraid no one will ever come close to them again.


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