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Melé's Top Ten Tracks Culled From GTA Soundtracks

Melé’s unique sound and his ability to deliver tracks that come cut loud for the club and brim with rhythmic excellence puts him in a niche that almost defies description. First unearthing his tripped out dynamism a few years back when he released his debut, self-titled EP on Sounds of Sumo, he went on to build a fanbase showcasing his depth on last year’s octane collaboration with Champion. Now, after a couple of miscellaneous work outs including the drum smattering, funked up remix of Contakt’s ‘Rhodophyta’ for Local Action, Melé is back once more to deliver his fourth EP for Redlight's Lobster Boy imprint, a stomping fireball named Ambience.

Set to release the afore mentioned EP in June and with two tracks included on sonic confident Monki's recently announced FABRICLIVE 81 mix, it was kind of a given that he would join her to toast the occasion on 1st May hitting up Room Two alongside a few more of her underground crushes. And in the mode of drawing attention to the upcoming lineup, Melé has generously flicked through his collection of Grand Theft Audio games to pick out his top ten tracks culled from their soundtracks.

Swizz Beatz - Top Down

Melé: I was never a massive fan of GTA 4 or even Swizz Beats as a rapper, for that matter, but this is one of the standout tracks for me from that whole game. The sample could easily be straight from golden era Roc-A-Fella days which is probably why I love it so much.

Chakachas - Jungle Fever

I remember hearing this used as a promo track on an advert just before San Andreas came out and not really knowing what kind of music I was listening too. The really loose breaksand rhythms are sick. I recently downloaded Chakachas back catalogue as a result of this track, it's all amazing.

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

Like a lot of gamers around my age group, Vice City was probably the game that opened my musical tastes a lot more. I was a hip hop only kid at the age of 11 but hearing things I had never heard before like The Pointer Sisters, Cybotron and this Wang Chung track definitely set me on a different path...

Gangstarr - Who’s Gonna Take The Weight

DJ Premier is one of my favourite producers of all time: how he can have a one bar break and horn loop rolling throughout this track and still make it sound interesting is nuts. The greatest hip hop producer of all time in my eyes. And of course Guru smashes it.

Maze & Frankie Beverly - Twilight

Driving through the desert listening to this was a vibe. Recently rediscovered this through a Fabio & Grooverider CD. Love the 303.

Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf

Another one of them tracks from Vice City that opened me up to different styles. I Always wanted to sample the synth line out of this track and make a faster version of it. Love how this tune sounds like a proper jam that just rolls on for 6 plus minutes bringing elements in and out. Vibes!

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Chapter 3

From the most recent GTA which did have a lot of great music on it. The drums on this track are too much, reminds me of early broken beat rhythms. Will definitely be playing this in the club in the coming weeks.

SMD - Tits & Acid

I didn't discover this through GTA, it just happens to be on one of the games so thought its perfect for this list. The first Simian Mobile Disco album is one of my favourites of all time, which came along during the weird new rave months of my mid teens. James Ford is an absolute G.

N.W.A - Alwayz Into Somethin’

I have to admit N.W.A where a group I fully discovered through San Andreas. After I heard this track I became completely obsessed in Dre’s early work and MC Ren in particular.

Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants

The bonus beats version of this has been sampled an unreal amount of times in modern music. A proper Las Venturas casino riddim.

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