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Our residents share their favourite albums to listen to in solitude

Drifting away to a favourite album in your own space is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Outside of club hours, it’s one of our favourite ways to listen to music, and in recent weeks we’ve seized the opportunity to take a pause, put on a record and switch off from the rest of the world. Our residents have also been using their time to concentrate on music, so for our latest Crate Diggin’ feature, we asked some of them to share an album they like to reach for when they want to zone out. The full list includes Afrobeat, experimental minimalism, future jazz, conscious hip-hop and more, so there should be something for everyone that needs some time to themselves.

Anna Wall

Lewis Parker – Masquerades & Silhouettes (The Ancients Series One) [Melankolic]

Stream: Lewis Parker – Eyes of Dreams

Alone time is important, but I’m also someone who thrives on being connected to people. In times of distance and isolation I tend to go inside myself, and music is so incredibly important to keep me grounded. This is an album from 1998, I find comfort in it because it was one of my favourite albums when I was younger. What Parker made is timeless; conscious, melancholic hip-hop merging dreamy escapism with reality.


Hiroshi Yoshimura – Music For Nine Post Cards [Sound Process]

Stream: Hiroshi Yoshimura – Blink

In times of solitude this is an album I always come back to. A friend and I discovered it at the same time and would listen to it in his flat with an amazing view over London. The sparse piano repetitions contrasting with the urban landscape felt totally cinematic and had a massive effect on me. Coincidentally, the album was apparently inspired by a series of window views, where for each track Yoshimura played what he saw through the window. Perhaps it is this creative process which contributes to the calm and pensive mood it transmits.


Aphex Twin – Drukqs [Warp]

Stream: Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

I love this album for its musical versatility and the inspiration it gives me. Aphex Twin packed 30 tracks of amazing production, including beautifully written music inspired by the piano but also a fleet of experimental electronic sounds. From a production standpoint, this album truly inspires me as I always hear new things in it every time I give it a spin. I often listen to this album all the way through, and I feel it really keys into the erratic behaviour of today's world.

Jacob Husley

Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70 – Yellow Fever [Afrodisia/Decca]

Stream: Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70 – Yellow Fever

I am a big fan of Fela Kuti, and Yellow Fever is one of my favourite albums. The music is so playful, and instantly lifts your spirit. It makes you smile without noticing, often when I play it the whole family is dancing by the end of it. Music medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Jaden Thompson

Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh [Universal Motown]

Stream: Erykah Badu – Window Seat

This album by Erykah Badu is perfect for listening to at home on a Sunday, whilst you’re relaxing or trying to switch off. It’s one of those albums that you can just put on in the background and Badu’s soft voice will get you in the mood for unwinding.

Jay Clarke

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Illusion of Time [Phantasy Sound]

Stream: Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Enter Exit

Enter Exit is taken from the new album Illusion Of Time, a collaboration between Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini. I received the album on promo as it’s out at the end of this week, and have already listened to it five times since downloading, so I already know this will be on repeat daily while I’m at home. It’s simple, lush, and epic! It’s music that makes me think of the summer; a nice cold beer sat in the park watching the world go by. Something to look forward to!

Lindsey Matthews

Lauryn Hill ‎– The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill [Ruffhouse]

Stream: Lauryn Hill – Everything Is Everything

I’ve picked The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which will hopefully spread a little light during this hectic time. It’s an album that touches my soul every time, I hope everyone at home can relate and continue to have positive vibes. Keep on dancing, and stay blessed.

Mark Dinimal

4hero – Creating Patterns [Talkin’ Loud]

Stream: 4hero – Another Day feat. Jill Scott

This album for me is a definite favourite when I need some time alone, I only discovered it around four years ago but was completely blown away, and since then have been a huge 4hero fan. Another Day, strangely enough, is one of those songs that can instantly bring me out of any negative situation and give me a positive outlook for the rest of the day. Jill Scott’s voice is impeccable as usual, and those drums!

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