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Patrick Topping's Ultimate House & Techno Gems From 2009

Currently enjoying the successes of his EPs for his pal Jamie Jones' Hot Creations imprint, Patrick Topping’s fast proved himself as a dude who should be reckoned with. With his recent Essential Mix aired on BBC Radio 1 and a collaboration with Green Velvet on last year’s ‘Voicemail’ sitting pretty in his discography the rising talent will be making his eagerly awaited Farringdon debut this Saturday (9th May) when he joins Manchester’s Kaluki clan in Room Three. To mark the occasion he's kindly delved into the archives (circa 2009) to select and share with us his ultimate house and techno gems…

Patrick Topping: It may not be a particular sub-genre, but it's the year 2009 that I’d like to share some tracks from. For me, it was my favourite year for house and techno and I still play more tracks from 2009 than any other year. Not only was it a really good year for music, I also love that particular era of music because it’s the year that I really got obsessed by house and techno. I was into it before, obviously, but was open to electro, trance and all other genres of electronic music.

Santos -Hold Home

During that year, Luciano became my favorite DJ along with Sven. I heard him play this track all year long, whenever I hear it now it just takes me back to that time. I’ve wanted to play it out for ages, but I kept it for my Essential Mix last week.

Sandy Huner - Rare Tap (2000 & One Cut)

This is mint. I booked 2000 & One to play one of our first Motion parties in Newcastle and it was off the back of hearing this track because I loved it so much. The melody is so subtle, but it’s got a really classic groove, and when the vocals come in it just completes it.

Sebo K & Metro -  Saxtrack (Reboot Twisted Fist Remix)

This is one of those tracks that still sounds mint now. I heard this all over Ibiza that summer and when I got back, I tried to emulate the sound by creating my own trumpet and sax tracks, purely based on how much I loved this tune!

N/A Feat Rosina – Fables & Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix)

This was when Crosstown Rebels were first starting to have a resurgence and were absolutely dominating everything and this was one of the tracks that set it all off. It’s a really dark track but the melody and the bassline are mint.

BDI – City & Industries

When I think of Sven Vath playing around 2009, this track comes to mind straight away. It was when me and my friends were following him around the world - we saw him play all over the place. It’s a very dramatic techno track with a really good melody. About halfway through it has these laser beam style sound effects that come in unexpectedly, but they finish the track off perfectly.

Volta and Salvatore Freda - Tiramisu (DJ Madskillz Remix)

This was another track that Sven was playing all the time. He used to play quite a lot of tech-house, more so than he does now - this isn’t a techno track, it’s a proper tech-house track. DJ Madskillz was on 2000 & One’s label, and during that time they, along with other labels such as Remote Area, Area Remote and 100% Pure were all putting out so many tracks that were quite similar to this but still amazing. That year the output from Amsterdam was exceptional.

Alex Celler – La Palma

This record was also on Area Remote, it’s got these looping vocal chants in it which I love. Last summer it was a regular opener in my sets and I’ll always remember when I first heard it in Pacha at Luciano’s Vagabundos night. Me and my friends loved it - we literally screamed when it came on because the builds and kick ins were just so good.

Michel Cleis - La Mezcla

Everyone was playing this, even the more commercial DJs, you’d hear it everywhere. I actually think another track by him ‘Litoral’ is even better but that was from 2010.

Sascha Braemer – Some Sweat

To be honest I actually missed this at the time but I picked up on it recently and have been playing it out really frequently and getting an amazing reaction because it still sounds so fresh.

Reboot – Caminando

I’ll never forget hearing Ricardo Vilalobos playing this on the terrace in a big sit down. Reboot actually had so many good tracks around that time I could have included ten of his.

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