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Rob Booth's Guide To Planet Mu

Some people seem like they are born into fandom whilst other people develop and sculpt their passion through years and years of research. Precisely which category our Houndstooth label's A&R, Rob Booth comes into isn't actually all that clear, but what is patently obvious is the scope of the love he holds for the Planet Mu record label. A fan since the days of Milanese, the imprint's output has informed a lot of his outlook. From the music, to the ethos, Booth describes Mu as a "tastemaker's tastemaker label" noting that they're making and releasing records that are 5 or 6 years ahead of the game. In his own words: "Machinedrum, Kuedo, Vex’d, Slugabed and Milanese... they'll still sound so fresh 10 years on." So that's why, ahead of the 20 years of Planet Mu party in Room Two on Friday 15th May, we asked him to pick his 20 favourite tracks released on the label.

Of course, he delivered 22 - and between you and I, he's still trying to send me links now. The thing is, you've gotta cut him off somewhere, else he'll keep sending you tunes as and when they pop into his head. Although, personally, I think he's plumped for the wrong Gemmy tune in his selection - I used to do a heavy mix out of Various Production & VEX's 'Ramp' into Gemmy's 'BT Power' back in the day but that's not even the one I'd tip - it's the perfect delve into what can often seem like a pretty intimidatingly big archive of music.


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