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Rockwell's Real, Honest and Weird Selection

"I know what you're thinking," Rockwell offers as an introduction to his Crate Diggin' selection; "another tedious drum & bass top 10 that's compiled of my latest singles and recent releases culled from the label I'm signed to? Or a top 10 fabricated list of '90s classics that in reality, I am actually too young to remember so I'm just using them to project my drum & bass credentials? Well, for this piece I have instead provided a real, honest and, at times, a very weird selection that I've picked out from both my own crate of influence and my parents' record collection. I (probably) will not be playing any of these at FABRICLIVE when I play in a couple weeks (17th April)...

Stevie Wonder - I Want To Make Her Love Me

Picked from my parents' record collection, this track comes from the album For Once In My Life. It's amazing and I think it's maybe one of my favourite Stevie Wonder albums. Maybe due to the heavy rotation it got while I was very, very young.

Yes - Closer To The Edge

One from my Pops' record collection. I was probably way too young to be exposed to this kind of 20 minute, epic prog and I think it has definitely has a long lasting effect on how I think about music. I am definitely a sucker for music that goes off on massive tangents before coming back to the original idea. This is a great example of that and it takes me back to listening to this on my Dad's massive headphones when I was kid.

Amon Tobin - Slowly

Nina Tune and Big Dada alongside Warp are probably some of the best independent labels in the UK, if not the world And there was a time when I would literally buy anything on sight if it had either of those labels' logos on the back. I'm a big Amon Tobin fan and this is taken from Supermodified, which is a favourite from my 'having a relaxing time at University' phase.

Plastician - Pump Up The Jam

I grabbed the Grime EP as I had previously heard 'Industrial Graft' on Pirate in Bristol and because it was on Aphex Twin's Replex record label. I don't think Plastician get's enough love as a producer as the guy's got some classics in his discography that still sound fresh today. I would definitely recommend the remasters he recently reissued via his superbly named label, Terrorhythm.

Ghostface Killah - Winter Warz

Probably the best song on what is an incredible album. It's also worth noting how it contains the only decent Cappadona verse committed to tape.

Descendants - I'm Not A Punk

A skate video banger from my early teens and from the time when you could discover so much good music from skate video soundtracks, before everyone tried to make them too fucking arty and polished.

D Double E, Durrty Goodz, Kano & Wiley - Destruction VIP

I was living in Cardiff when this track came out on the Run The Roads compilation on the 679 label. It's easily the best tune on there. I love the switches in the beat and the urgency of the whole tune. I definitely have a soft spot for cheap MIDI orchestras and this has more than enough.

Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

The perfect marriage between drum programming insanity and euphoric melodies. Drugs wasn't most people's favourite Aphex record but its sheer breadth of themes is ridiculous. From drill 'n' bass to the most tender piano piece. I love how he's been granted this creative freedom to be able to just do whatever the fuck he likes - very inspiring stuff.

Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)

I came across the tune by chance. I once bought a pair of jeans once in Worcester and I was told I could pick a free mix CD. I picked Grooverider as he was the only name in the pile that I had even remotely heard of. The rest of the mix went straight over my head but the sounds in this tune were just so different it grabbed me. Total Science actually sent me over samples to remix it just after the release of Full Circle and I've been sat on them now for almost five years. One day I hope to have the minerals to have a stab at it but it's such a perfect tune I just think it would be really, really hard to remix.

Minor Threat - Salad Days

I am really struggling to squeeze some Ian Mckaye into this list. The difficulty lies in summing up his career into one great song, album or band he was in and I just don't think it can be done. His insistence to play the music business by his own rules: self releasing, fixing music and show costs at affordable prices and eschewing large festival performances and media is inspirational in itself, let alone how the guy has also been in two of the best hardcore bands ever (Minor Thread and Fugazi) and has had an amazing career by writing amazing music and just letting it do the talking.

I'm going to settle with 'Salad Days' by Minor Threat as my pick as I really do need to get back to the studio and going over this is making me want to watch the Fugazi documentary, Instrument instead of working on my own album and I definitely don't want to piss off Friction...

Friday 17th April

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