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7 All Time Favourites From Gregor Tresher

There's a reason that Gregor Tresher named his last album Nightcolours - it relays the use of melody that the German producer uses to add the extra dynamic to his techno focused output. Initially finding his production feet as alias Sniper Mode, Tresher showed a penchant for the synth rich world of electro before going on to develop and transpose his sound into more straight up four four territory. The switch gained him the support and backing of Josh Wink's Ovum Records, placing Tresher in good stead to found his own imprint, Break New Soil, the outlet that is the current bolthole for his productions.

Returning to Room Two along with his esteemed live set at the end of April (25th) where he’ll be joining Terry Francis and Alan Fitzpatrick in Room Two, we asked Tresher to look back at his musical background and relay some of his all-time favourites and moments that have gone on to inform the warm toned of his current sound.

Function - Variance

Tresher: This is track I´ve been started my DJ-sets with many times, I´m a big Function/Sandwell District fan because of their unique hypnotic sound and this is only one of many great tracks by them.

The Streets - Blinded By the Lights

I actually like all of the five The Streets albums, but this is probably the track that stands out the most to me. It´s great how the arrangement of the song fits the story so perfectly.

Mathew Jonson - Marionette

One of the tracks that really stand the test of time. I can still remember when I heard it for the first time and it has not lost any of its fascination to me since then. It´s just a perfect piece of music.

Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel

One of many great and inspiring Autechre tracks, and the video by Chris Cunningham is just so dark and amazing.

Interpol - Lights (Live)

This is one of many great tracks on this Interpol album, and the live recording here is fantastic.

Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen

My favorite band and one of my favorite songs. I´ve been a fan since I was a kid so being invited by them to remix a track ('Soothe My Soul') from their last album was one of the biggest things ever to me.

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Besides Depeche Mode, The Cure was mainly responsible for the soundtrack of my early teenage years - I could probably name 50 songs here - let´s just go with this one.

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