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Sonja Moonear's Soundtrack To Her Days

Invoking the spirit of cult imprint, Perlon, while calling on jazz derived chord flourishes when ducking in between the grooves, Sonja Moonear’s DJ sets are lauded for surmising her funk driven minimalist soundworld. But whilst there is something positively unorthodox and yet superlatively engaging about the way she puts her sets together, the music she plays falls under what’s often deemed perfectly safe to call ‘house and techno.’ Frankly, it’s all too easy to categorize an artist’s dalliances in music neatly and by genre, but the truth - which is always so much more interesting - is that artists should call upon the full breadth and history of music for their inspiration and listening pleasure. That’s something which is definitely evident with Moonear and it’s a fact she deftly demonstrates in our latest Crate Diggin' feature.

Working around the theme of the 'soundtrack to her days,' the professional sound engineer has put together a selection of tracks that range as wildly as any list we've seen before. Looking as far back as the Baroque period of the 17th century she pulls out a piano recital of Bach while also calling upon the work of Chicago house pioneer Frankie Knuckles…

1. He Said - Pump

He said is Graham Lewis (from band Wire) solo project. This track is so addictive, that same bass sequence stays hooked in your head so easily and the way he pronounces the « s » sounds just like sex.

2. Antena - The boy From Ipanema

Isabelle Antena and her easy listening answer to the girl from Ipanema. The best part of it is the video clip. You just can’t beat this.

3. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Insensatez (instrumental)

Tom Jobim again. Not that i am particularly fan of Brazilian music, but that instrumental version is so simply perfect. The orchestration works just natural, the recording and mix quality are adequately balanced.

4. Milt Buckner - The Beast

That Hammond organ under Buckner’s fingers sounds like mighty grandmas having a dance, that's probably how I picture myself in 50 years.

5. Timber Timbre - Bad Ritual (and whole album: Creep On Creeping On)

I discovered this band a couple of years ago while listening to France Musique’s radio station. They have very good broadcasts at night and are not afraid of silences on the FM broadband. I love the way they use various microphones on the singer’s voice, and those reverbs… I was so happy to have the chance to assist to two Timber Timbre shows. Blown away each time.

6. Glenn Gould - Variation Goldberg Part 1 (Bach)

The only pianist able to interpret Bach. He dedicated his time to the work of the composer. You can often listen to him whispering shivers while playing, as if his thoughts were going out of his head in the form of notes.

7. Boards of Canada - In a beautiful Place Out In The Country

I used to go regularly to London to party at The End. Colin Dale was playing usually. When the night was over, i was eventually visiting as many recordshops as possible to find new sounds unavailable in my country at that time. I remember ending up once at Rough Trade buying that record and never letting it out of my head.

8. Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

This is the first tape (cassette) I ever bought. I think I was like 8. I used to live next to that typical Swiss Supermarket called Coop. They had a music section in the basement. Every thursday morning, as we were off school and my parents were working, I was sneaking in that place to listen to music while munching palmed croissants from the bakery upstairs.

9. Logic System - Unit

Depeche Mode brought me slowly to David Bowie. After watching Furyo, I felt in love with the movie soundtrack which was composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian (the voice). Drifts were easy to dig more around the japanese master and find out Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sketch Show and Logic System.

10. Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

12. 3 Phase - Der Klang der Familie

13. Marmion - Schoeneberg

I could not end this list without a little hint of House, Techno, and well, yes.. Trance. The first ones I remember buying in these genres. I can still find myself playing them today.

Saturday 8th November

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