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10 Years of Leftroom, As Selected By The Artists

Getting your organisation through 10 years of any hard slog is a real achievement, but for any independent record label owner, it might feel like something else entirely. There are plenty of perils involved in the process to make life difficult but running a record label can also be one of the most rewarding ventures a person can undertake. As well as that warm fuzzy feeling of giving something back to the scene that’s been a backbone for your life, or when a certain record goes out there and sets the world on fire there's also the reams of stand-up people and relationship you tend to build along the way.

Over the last decade of helming the quality house outlet Leftroom, Matt Tolfrey has gathered up a loyal family of artists. Just how quickly all of them lined up to enthuse with us about the label's importance and to share their favourite track from the last decade of releases, probably says a lot about their personal relationships, as we prepare to host our own celebration this weekend when Leftroom takes over the whole club this Saturday night. For us it's a special thing, to be part of this; we’re right there, celebrating alongside Tolfrey, a DJ who’s played at the club almost for the duration of that time…

Ryan Crosson picks Ali Khan's 'Waterbomb'

Ryan Crosson: Matt has been one of my closest friends since I first met him almost 8 years ago. He is someone I can always depend on. Aside from being a close friend, he has been able to sustain an underground dance music label which is one hell of an accomplishment in this day and age. I think the most memorable track - although maybe not my favorite - was one of the first I heard from the label: Ali Khan ‘Waterbomb’. This track coincidentally was also featured on Matthew Dear's fabric 27 mix…

I think this track really captured a really fun side of the minimal era and was, well… very aquatic sounding. It may not be my favorite Leftroom track (ahem, ‘Wanna Be More’) but it’s definitely the one that sticks in my mind most when I think of the label.

Kate Simko picks Route 94's 'Misunderstood'

Kate Simko: This is definitely the Leftroom record I’ve played the most - modern acid at its best! I played this track lots in 2014, and put it on my iD podcast too!

Route 94 picks Julian Perez's 'Almost Love'

Route94: Leftroom is an honest reflection of Matt's music taste and it’s always stayed true to that. He's a musical dictionary with more records than anyone else I know! There's loads I could have picked that are more obvious but I love this track, it's really bouncy and have some great memories of playing it in my sets.

Danny Howells picks Mineo's 'Disappear'

Danny Howells: It's fegging tough picking just one favourite from the Leftroom vault but there's one that has particular memories for me. 'Disappear' by Mineo… it's quite an obvious choice perhaps, but it came out just prior to this year's BPM festival which, for me, was not the first time I'd played there but it was the first time I'd had a truly incredible time there. I did the Listed party with D'Julz where it went down an absolute storm and it was also used as the soundtrack to their after-movie.

I also played the Leftroom 10 Year party with Matt Tolfrey, Simon Baker and Kate Simko which was just perfect and this track seemed to be everywhere that weekend. On the surface it grooves like a funked up disco-ey dancefloor bomb but it's only on repeated listening that you realise what a tripped out slice of after-hours madness this track really is. It works on every level, its genius and it will always remind me of one of my favourite weekends ever.

Laura Jones picks Saoirse's 'Uh'

Laura Jones: Leftroom has had plenty of hits over the years and it’s been home for a lot of great artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Mr Fingers, Marshall Jefferson, Rob Mello, Kate SImko and more. It's also been a place where Matt has given a start to new producers like myself. One of the many favourites I have is 'Uh', a track that came out on Leftroom's sister label Left'd by up and coming artist Saoirse who was also given a break by Matt back in 2013. It's a stripped back jacking track that works great on the dancefloor and with new material from her coming soon it was an early sign that Saoirse is going to be a name to look out for.

Sam Russo picks Jay Haze's 'Datafunk In Your Ears'

Sam Russo: Jay has always impressed me with his versatility and this release shows just that. The title track is badass and I have played it ever since I received it from Matt years ago!

Being a part of Leftroom has meant making friends for life, it doesn’t stop with making music and collaborating. I have met some genuine people and artists from across the globe due to the label and the parties. Matt himself has remained a good friend ever since we met. The label has always been a diverse platform for established and unknown artists alike. Matt was never shy of releasing an artist due to their talent (not the record sales) which in turn has opened the door to many artists that might not have had a break otherwise.

jozif picks Kerb Staller’s 'Safety Instructions’

jozif: It’s gonna have to be an obvious one I’m afraid: Kerb Staller’s 'Safety Instructions’ - for me it signifies a new chapter in the Leftroom story which I’m so happy to be part of. I was soooo happy with the way Matt and my new project got started with this mad little number. Coupled with the remixes from Thugfucker and Jerome are bleeding great!

Don't forget that we're partnering with Jukely for the 10 Years of Leftroom event this Saturday which means that the first 750 customers to arrive who have RSVPed via the Jukely site here will benefit from free entry.

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