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The Scratch Perverts Look To Detroit

Real talk: the Scratch Perverts have been doing them for an incredibly long and fruitful time. Their name has become ubiquitous with club music and over the course of their career they've helped crowds navigate their way though numerous genres (within the same set) whilst showing them exactly just what can be done when you dedicate your life to turntablism and performance. So ahead of their appearance in Room Two for Sin City on Friday 1st August we asked them if they wouldn't mind sharing a spurt of knowledge, the type of which you can only really require through the kind of devotion they've displayed through the years. In their own words, this is what they delivered...

“OK, so let’s start by saying that we both live in London and probably always will. Though Primecuts' mother lived in Detroit for 10 years (and despite Prime's frequent visits), it's safe to say that we are both very much Londoners. It's also worth noting that despite us focusing here on Detroit, neither of us are claiming to be authorities on the city’s history - either culturally or musically. We chose Detroit as it represents, by and large, an example of how, with an open mind and ear or two, different musics and cultures can enter your life at different stages and have a tremendous and joyful influence. So with that in mind…

1. Moodymann talking about J Dilla

“A legend talking about a legend...”

2. Kyle Hall - Measure2Measure

“It’s difficult to choose just one record from this guy, but this one makes us both very happy.”

3. Jeremy Ellis

“Again, it’s difficult to choose just one routine here. We have always tapped buttons and things while playing but this guy makes you wanna try harder and quit all at the same time.”

4. Grov ' GT ' Tigue

“Another guy from Detroit here that's good with his hands. Detroit seems to take bass guitar seriously, no one more so than this fella. Love the many captions that appear through the video.”

5. Jack White

“We’re huge Jack White fans. This video, with White performing as part of The Raconteurs, is as good as it gets and features Skrillex on bass and from the movie The Warriors, Luther (leader of The Rogues gang) on vocals and other duties. Seriously…”

6. Donald Byrd - You and Music

“From the Places and Spaces LP. Such an important record in the lives of anyone that has ever had an interest in music, period. Produced by Larry & Alphonso 'Fonce' Mizell, to a level rarely ever matched in music. Young beat makers should listen and learn. Then turn off your computers, close the curtains and hide.”

7. Cybotron - Clear

“Classic Juan Atkins that represented many different sub cultures around the world simultaneously, at the time of (and for many, many years after) its release.”

8. The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me

“Don't need to say much here. Time for a double vinyl repress, me thinks. Warp?”

9. Carl Craig - At Les

“Great record from the equally greatly titled album: 'More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art.'”

10. J Dilla - Donuts

“No need for words here.”

11. Thomas 'The Hitman' Hearns

“OK, we realise this has little or nothing to do with music, but this gentleman and the Kronk Gym that he fought out of are never far from our minds if we think about Detroit.”


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