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The Top 5 Scratch Songs Of Craze's Youth

Considered to be a true master of his craft, Craze is by far one of the finest DJs on the planet.

He’s the only solo DJ to ever have won the DMC World Championships three times over (he won his first when he was just 20 years old) so it’s not like we’re the ones just casually saying putting that out there - he’s earned introductions like that a hundred times over already. His meticulous skills on the turntables and his tip top showmanship have also garnered him over a million views of his Traktor powered YouTube routines, most likely leaving a million jaws dropped onto on a million floors afterwards. Craze is also widely saluted for helping to innovate the wider notion of a scratch routine combining breaks, hip hop, house and drum & bass music all into the one set.

Frankly, it's no wonder that when we saw the Miami hailing maestro was confirmed to once again make the trip across the pond to hit up Room Two (on the 13th March), we'd ask if he wouldn't mind contributing to our ongoing Crate Diggin’ feature. He picked us out five of his ultimate scratch tracks, the soundtrack to a large part of his upbringing…

Herbie Hancock - Rock It

"Because of this song, everybody I looked up to started scratching so it's got to be #1 on my list..."

DJ Magic Mike and The Royal Posse - Magic Mike Cutz The Record

"Growing up in Miami, Magic Mike was the scratch king! This is the tune that inspired me the most growing up..."

Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town

"The 'So Damn Tuff' cuts on this are so clean, I spent many nights trying to duplicate them. That’s how you learned back in the day. We didn’t have YouTube tutorials..."

Gang Starr - Who’s Gonna Take The Weight

"This is one of the first songs I heard where a DJ would take a long tone and make it sound fresh. Premier killed it!"

DJ Jealous J vs. Jock D - DJ Wars

"Another Miami Bass classic! In fact, this is probably the best scratch battle record when it comes to Miami bass..."

Friday 13th March

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