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Voigtmann's Dream Room One Warm Up Tracks

It's not that much of secret that our Room One soundsystem set up invokes a very special feeling for the DJs who get to play on it. We’re proud enough of its legacy already but it really does have this quality of clarity for bringing out sounds in records that you never even knew existed before. Voigtmann is no stranger to this experience and has been known to sneak in early pre-club opening from time to time to test out his latest studio efforts (lucky him right? most of us would kill for that kind of privilege). So with his next warm up set planned for next Saturday night we asked him to put together a list of tracks he's feeling at the moment. With one eye on the inspiring setting he's set to play in, he chose to pick out some of the selections that he's most excited to hear in their full glory on that well-loved custom built Martin Audio rig.

In Voigtmann's own words...fabric Room One - phewww - it's always been the place to listen to special music – you really feel a lot more from that sound system. Playing there means an opportunity for me (especially as a warm up DJ) to challenge myself and the crowd to an extent and make them listen to beautiful pieces of music - all sorts of music before you get into the house/techno part of the night. This is a very special treat for a DJ that is into different styles/genres or just simply MUSIC ! It's not easy to take the listeners from ambient to techno, but if done right it sets a solid foundation for the night and introduces the guests in the best way possible.

All these tunes/tracks/songs have come into the close selection to be played in Room One as part of my warm up set - enjoy!

King Crimson – Moonchild

I would forward the track to about 5mins in when its full beauty unfolds. It is incredible how up to date this song sounds. It was given to me by my dad a while ago but I only recently realised the power of it. To hear it in Room One would be a purely selfish pleasure and for me, the perfect opening track.

CLATTERBOX - chorus(des femmes)

A recent discovery of mine - broken goodness just floating along.

Keith Tucker - My Mental State

The first time I heard this track was in Room One as played by Craig Richards. I was blown away how this relatively slow track fills the space on the system...the synth, the bass, every single element had its right place. It felt like the track was almost designed for this system.

Deep Contest - Sunday Morning

DJ Deep at his best,beautiful pads swirl around you - it takes a while until the kick sets in but then it drives not only those Sunday mornings...

Luisine - Perpetual

A slow groover that takes you on a proper journey.

Dr. Rockit - Tape Measure (Herbert Remix)

A producer who needs very little introduction - Herbert. I can smell a Herbert groove from a mile away. He has such a trademark sound and nevertheless manages to keep each track unique. My collection of Herberts has been growing extensively.

Seafoam - Four Associates EP

Room One music! Deep groovy bass lines - slightly broken feel and loads of attitude. I also heard this track for the first time when Craig played it in Room One. There are some tracks where the listener can see/hear his experience. He knows exactly the damage those tracks do to the crowd on this system. This EP is a definite in my bag for Saturday.

Steward Walker - Its Process Not Substance

One of the classiest pieces of techno I own. It's been written in the late 90's and has lost none of its power. Steward Walker is one of the pioneers of minimal techno and managed to create pieces that stood the test of time.

Marquese - Endless Dive

I realise that I’ve only really listed old tracks here so far, so I wanted to include a newer one too. Marquese from Cologne/Germany managed here to create a mainstay in my record bag - this comes out a lot of the time when I play warm ups.

Darkleaf - For Her Souly, Slowly, Solely

Yes that's Hip Hop. Why would you list it here? Because it's simply amazing, creative and fun.


Saturday 24th May

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