"I Try Not To Overthink These Things"
DJ Haus' Rinse 20 Mix

There’s a real and present immediacy to the releases on DJ Haus’ Unknown To The Unknown and Hot Haus labels that’s actually incredibly comforting. Apparently doing it for all the right reasons, converting his access to unreleased music into fully fledged projects, they just seem to keep on coming and they’re all presented in his inimitable tongue in cheek fashion with recognisably DIY artwork. Concise and to the point, he’s a man with a lot of projects, a few collaborations and yep, that aforementioned pretty relentless release schedule across his labels. From out of the ashes of his previous production project, Hot City, he’s found himself at the forefront of a lot of things since, but he’s mainly been out front pioneering the attitude of feel good 90s house when people just went out to dance and dance hard.

He’s also been appearing more and more on pioneering London radio station Rinse FM lately and with a performance slated at Rinse’s 20th Birthday party here on Friday 5th September, he’s put together this jacking mixtape to ramp up expectation. You’ll fully get what I meant before about him spinning music that purely makes people dance when you come to listen to it, but in the mean time we shot him a few questions to better frame its presentation…

You seem to be hooking up with Rinse a fair bit at the minute. How’s that been? Do you feel like it validates you at all? Is it going to be a regular thing?
It's great! They've just been asking me to cover some shows so as long as they keep asking me I'll be on there!

What does it mean to you as a radio station?
Erm, I dunno what u mean.. I mean they have great DJs - right? Hahah no no, I'm shitting you.. Lots of DJs that inspired me I've been able to listen to reguarly through listening to their Rinse shows .. Bicep, Jackmaster and Oneman they all have all killer no filler shows!

Does it being 20 years old make you feel old?
Hahaha, what are you trying to say!?! Man, no I'm feeling fresh.. Well I'm stuck on a train right now so I'm not so fresh right now, but yeah, I still got it, G!

Obviously your labels UTTU and Hot Haus have been having quite the productive times lately. What keeps you inspired to keep on keeping on putting out records?
Well, I don't put out music for the sake of it, I'm just very fortunate to be in a position where I'm hearing loads of amazing new tracks and people are buying the records I put out so I'm able to press more!

There’s a relatively DIY realness to the artwork and the presentation of the records. Was that a conscious decision or do you think it’s just a reflection of your personality?
Yeah, well... I guess... you know I hear a track and I think bout how I would like to see it released and then I just do that. I try not to overthink these things...

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?
It's a bunch of the 'big tunes' from the label and also a bunch of stuff that I have been playing on Rinse. Music from Checan, Palace, Matrixxman , DJ Q - you know, the UTTU OG's!


Friday 5th September

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