Dummy Mag Grill Vitalic

While we're on the topic of websites, Dummy are a big favourite of ours - fingers on musical pulses, and lovely people too.  They've got a great interview on their site right now with Vitalic - who incidentally are playing tonight down at our big disco.  Well worth ten minutes of your time...

"As we sit down in a room typical of any Soho PR manager’s office – complete with leather couch, framed platinum discs, and thick fur carpet – I immediately feel at ease. His calm, attentive air gives me the impression that he is not only listening to what I am saying, but actually interested. A few minutes in and, along with the realisation that this guy is not only shy but refreshingly down to earth, it becomes clear that his creative process is a private one, hidden, and very personal..."

For the full feature, click on the album cover below.


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