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Lukas Cole is probably better known to the world as Spam Chop. As the face of Wigflex he’s taken some of the finest young producers to record stores, signing their tracks to his fledging label but whats really interesting is how the sleeve artwork reflects the almost fluorescent atmosphere of the bass music contained in the grooves. After he brought his Nottingham based conglomerate to fabric for the Blunted Robots vs. Berkane Sol night last month we thought it’d be real neat to get the skinny on his highly recognisable artwork too.

How would you describe your art, to the uneducated?
Er... like a Japanese German guy living in England. Ha

How did you get into creating it? Was it something that you were always into, or can you pinpoint down a moment of realization (of sorts)?
As a kid I used to draw all the time, but from the age of 15 I found out about weed and vinyl and didn’t really give a shit about anything else for around another seven years. I then went to college to study multimedia and got into the graphic design side of the course, I had to keep a sketch book for ideas and I just doodled the shit out of it. It made me realise how much I loved drawing. I’ve been doing more and more ever since...

Can you give us a little insight into your techniques? Like how do you do it?
I hand draw everything... then vectorise what I have scanned in using Illustrator.

Anything else you’d care to mention?
The 3rd collection of Wigflex Tee's and sweats will be available from around December. It features designs from myself and a local art fag called Idle One, also Wigflex003 will also be available soon on vinyl featuring songs by Shortstuff and Taylor and our next Nottingham night is on the 18th of December, where we have Untold and Pangaea headlining...

London heads can catch Wigflex at The Southbank Centre this Saturday.

For more info check: www.wigflex.com

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