Between The Beats: The Martinez Brothers

There's something profoundly heart-warming about the story behind the rise to prominence of Bronx born Martinez Brothers. They'd admit themselves that they didn't come from the best of worlds, but from an early start when performing at their Father's church they discovered that they could do something that would affect people. They then applied themselves to learning about the world of dance music and so much so that they convinced their Father to support them and help launch their careers. When they were still in High School they were already gigging internationally and now still only in their early 20's they’re at the top of many an international bash's line up.

There's just something about their prowess behind the decks, that bro to bro energy and the impressive range they've built into their record collection over the years they've dedicated themselves to the DJ craft that is that little bit special. It's all captured in this documentary for Resident Advisor's Between The Beats series of short films which we wanted to share with you ahead of the sibling's next venture to Farringdon for our big NYE 12 hour party session this December.


Tuesday 31st December

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