First Look At Halogenix's 'Her Waves'

Last Thursday, Kasra's Critical imprint announced its brand new offshoot label series, Systems. Set to link together a chain of intrinsic releases from within the electronic music spectrum, the new series follows on from Critical's Modulations project back in 2010 and will once again present their burgeoning reputation for hailing some of the scene's most seminal and forward-thinking artists. Starting off things with the stunning, 'Her Waves' from Ivy Lab's Halogenix, the Critical clan have fired over the phenomenal new video to premiere right here alongside a quick chat with the man himself...

'Her Waves' - Halogenix [Systems - 001]

Hi Laurence, thanks for taking time to answer these questions today.
No problem, really happy to be involved..

Can you tell us about the track, the basis behind it and how it became part of Critical's new Systems series?
Sure. The track itself has existed in various forms for a while now, it started off as the main music loop with no vocals and stayed like that for quite some time until I stumbled upon the right sample after which it got finished pretty quickly.

With regards to it’s basis... I was making a lot of quite intense music at the time; fast paced, frantic beats and the like...I felt that a diversion in sound was due and as such the simplicity of the tune is very purposeful in that sense. I wanted to see how well I could pull off the ‘restrained’ sound. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out.

I sent Kasra over a load of demos and he pretty quickly got back to me on 'Her Waves', it was sent along with ‘Baby’ which is with my pal Eveson, and he suggested it come out as a 12". I obviously agreed, and after a few weeks he phoned me up with the proposal of having it as the inaugural release on a new imprint ‘Systems’ which would come out as an EP so I wrote the other tracks for it to add to the track list. The rest is history really. I’m really honoured to be a part of something new from Critical.

It’s clearly important for a label to keep things fresh and to nurture their talent and to look for different ways to present new music. As part of Critical, what do you think it is about the new series that will bring something different to Critical and the drum and bass scene?
I think that a label can fast gain a rep for a particular sound which is a great thing, it can also work against their favour however if a label is keen on releasing future facing music, for that reason I think having different outlets is a real advantage. It allows a label to host a wider range of artists and make the output a lot more diverse while maintaining the core integrity of it’s ‘sound’ on it’s main imprint.

So we’ve just premiered the video to your track. Can you tell us a bit about the video and the ideas behind it?
I’d love to take credit for the video, however I have to send a massive shout out to Jaha Browne who is responsible for the video. She’s a great friend of mine who’s a budding filmmaker and when she heard the track she suggested making a video for it. She asked me a few questions about my thoughts behind the track and apart from that she had full creative reign. She did an outstanding job. Big thanks to everyone who was involved in it…

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Anything else in the pipeline?
Yeah I’m currently working with Goldie on a project for Metalheadz which should hopefully surface in the near future, and also compiling music for another release with Critical…

Photo: Abie Lamin

Friday 18th July

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