Goldie and Rudimental Discuss The Success Of Drum & Bass On Ch4

The profile of individual pockets of music culture is something that is in constant state of flux. Things never stay in one position for too long and the lay lines are always open to debate. The presence of drum & bass in the pop charts is something that grabbed the attention of Channel 4 who last week linked with Metalheadz owner and scene pioneer, Goldie and Rudimental to get their opinions on what the current wider success of d&b means to them. Always a genre that has steadfastly stayed strong on the underground being maintained by generation after generation of heads getting hooked on its iconic sound, the prolific artists discuss whether the acts in the mainstream spotlight right now are in it for the right reasons. Oh and if you look closely in the video you might just recognise where the discourse with Goldie took place...

Goldie brings Metalheadz to Room Two this Friday night, tickets are available here.

Wednesday 30th November

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