London's Sunday Sessionists, Damaged

Finding themselves suffering from a lack of opportunities to pursue their own ambitions as DJs, Georgio Oniani and Matteo Manzini created their own framework. A framework that enabled them to exercise their creativity and the breadth of their record collections within it. Shortly after meeting in 2009 the pair established Damaged and, with an emphasis on unity and family feeling over the 6 years they've been operating, they've created a renowned space for the party community to come together and dance when they probably shouldn't, leaving the club at the start of the working week early on a Monday morning.

This Saturday night (25th July) we've asked Damaged to step into Room Three and reformat what they do to our conventional clubbing hours, where they're set to to bring the vibe they've long nurtured alongside the upstanding selections of guests S.A.M. and Bruno Schmidt. So to give insight into what exactly can be expected we tapped into the video archive of photographer Nick Ensing and chatted to Oniani and Manzini uncovering more about the party's history and ethos.


Wednesday 30th November

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