fabric 19th birthday
An Essential Guide to the Weekend

Our favourite weekend of the year is almost here. New lasers have been installed, our sound systems are ready, and this morning an extra box of fancy dress arrived in preparation for the days ahead.

This is all to celebrate our 19th birthday, with a full-on three room session coming to FABRICLIVE on Friday night, followed by 30 hours of non-stop music running from Saturday through Monday. We know that such a big weekend requires meticulous planning, so we’ve rounded out all of the important info you need right here to help you prepare.


Advance tickets for both Friday and our 30-hour marathon are running very low. As usual, tickets are also available on the door – we always hold approximately 50% of our allocation for the night, so you can still join us if you haven’t pre-booked.

Late entry tickets are also available for both nights. On Friday night you can join us for a cheaper price from 3am onwards, while late entry for our birthday marathon starts from 10am on Sunday morning. Late tickets are available in advance for both nights – we recommend booking in advance to avoid a longer queue.

Advance ticket holders for both Friday and Saturday have priority entry until 1am. Your ticket is still valid if you arrive after 1am, but you may have a longer wait in the queue.

Weekend Wristbands

Our birthday marathon runs for 30 hours from Saturday 20th through until the morning of Monday 22nd October. If you’re joining us you’ll receive a wristband enabling you to re-enter until 10pm on Sunday night. After that point, there’ll be no re-entry for anyone arriving.

You’ll also have to queue and be searched when you arrive back to the club, so please consider that there could be a slight wait if you arrive at a busy time period.


fabricfirst members have their usual door privileges for both nights, but bear in mind if the club hits capacity you will have to wait to enter.

Dress Code

In case you missed the bizarre posts introducing our team across our social channels over the last few weeks, remember that this weekend fancy dress is actively encouraged. Don’t worry if you can’t get a full outfit together – accessorise with whatever you can find.

We’d also recommend wearing a comfy pair of trainers suited to endless hours of dancing.


Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids, and take regular breaks for fresh air. If you need to take some time from the dancefloor at any point, there’ll be ample space to sit down and have a breather.

We have a free water bar located just to the left of Room One – we’d encourage you to check in here regularly to stay hydrated.

If you start to feel unwell, come to see any member of staff – your health and safety is our priority, and you will not be judged. You can also visit our welfare area at the rear of the club. More info on welfare is also available here.

Finally if you’re in for the 30-hour session we’d strongly recommend you leave at some point during the weekend – a quick disco nap will do wonders for your energy, and you can use your wristband to come back in when you’re ready.


Food is essential to lasting any marathon session, so we've got this covered too. Keep an eye out for an announcement later on this week.

Mobile Phones

Shining a bright light on the dancefloor can kill the vibe for both the DJ and the other clubbers around you – be considerate and avoid getting your phone out for photos or filming. Cherish the moment as it happens – we’ll have a team of professional photographers with us across the weekend to capture each night in its full glory.

Set Times

While we won't be releasing full set times for the weekend, there will be some hints coming out over the next few days – keep an eye on our social channels to formulate your plan of attack.

Check List

Your printed ticket – print out your ticket to save time at the door, or alternatively bring cash if you’re paying when you arrive.

Valid photo ID – it’s no ID, no entry, so every visitor must have a valid, in-date ID with them to be scanned on arrival.

Fancy dress – get ready for the weekend’s carnival-like atmosphere, and bring an outfit that suits the celebratory occasion.

Photo: Sarah Ginn

Saturday 20th October

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