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A Quick Chat With Cosmin TRG

With just one day to go until the 30+ hours of non-stop rave that we’ve arranged to celebrate our 14 years of existence, we had chance to catch up with one of our Room Two dons, Cosmin TRG. Last time he visited us was touring off the back of his super textured and melodically rich LP, Gordian and this time round, as it’s the birthday weekend, we felt the time was ripe to invite him back to share the expanse of his back catalogue alongside future releases and lost gems. Read on as we check in with the 50 Weapons signed producer’s latest musical activities as we tease out some tracks that we can look forward to him dropping on the system this weekend.

Hey Cosmin, how’s things how are you feeling as we enter into winter? Did you have a fulfilling summer, any highlights?
I started this summer with an Australian winter, it was my first time down under and I loved every jet-lagged minute of it. Lovely people, nice venues and great vibes all around. Spent the rest of the summer close to the Mediterranean with gigs in Italy and Spain - one of my best summers so far. Even if we get the worst case of Berlin winter, I've had a good run...

It’s more club season now as opposed to festivals, do you have a preference for these different kinds of shows?
They are 2 different mindsets really. Clubs are where I feel most at home, I love the synergy between soundsystems and bodies, I love being a part of that. Then after a while spent in basements or various other types of caverns with strobes in your face, you really need a bit of colour, dodgy food, bracelets that don't come off, weird tan lines, the works.

We spoke last time when you released Gordian, it was really rich sonically but what has your more recent studio work been sounding like? What direction have you been working in?
I've been working on a few bits here and there, most notably the ones coming out early November on Running Back. They are a bit more stripped back and focus on a few elements like a tiny melody, a certain progression, a different shade of texture. I'm basically doing what I've always done, trying to find a balance between functional, raw soundsystem music and the more cerebral, sonically engaging tracks.

With our birthday really close by, you were picked to play with us really because you’re one of our favourite artists in the techno realm right now but who would you say are yours?
Thanks, really happy to be back! I'm terrible at naming names and getting my favourites in order but let me just say I'm playing with 2 of them in the same room on Saturday and that's a pretty nice touch.

Will you be picking out any special selections for the birthday coming? What three tracks would you dedicate to our birthday?
I'll be playing some old & new stuff as usual, and hopefully a few quirky curveballs I can't wait to drop.

As far as dedicating some tracks goes, for some reason I thought someone at fabric HQ might be into these babies:

Rhythm Section - Is This Real

Legowelt - Sark Island Acid

Cloud Nine - Gonna Be Alright

Happy Birthday fabric!


Saturday 19th October

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