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A Made Up Sound / 2562

OK, we admit it. The fabric Office Playlist is basically just an email based YouTube party where we invite all the office to indulge their favourite moments from an artist who is upcoming on our club program. The rules are simple, loose but simple: you get to submit one track from the artists entire back catalogue including aliases and remixes and what we get is a kind of picture of a producer taken from all angles of our office’s personalities (and no Rob Booth - you can't submit 8 tracks and an EE mix, channel your focus better).

This edition of the fOP turns our focus on the studio output of Dave Huismans ahead of his A Made Up Sound set for 50Weapons Room Two takeover this coming Saturday night. A Made Up Sound is typically his guise for gender bending expression of four four, but with so many dub heads in the office we just had to open it up to his 2562 focussed productions to give a real expression of our appreciation for the Dutch techno/dub/experimental professional.


2562 - This Is Hardcore
Arttu ft Jerry The Cat - Nuclear Funk (A Made Up Sound Remix)
Basic Soul Unit - Jak'd Freq (A Made Up Sound Puur Natuur Mix)
A Made Up Sound - Demons
A Made Up Sound - Malfunction (Despair)
Shed - Masque (A Made Up Refix)
2562 - Love In Outer Space
2562 - Moog Dub
2562 - Redux
2562 - Like A Dream


Saturday 21st June

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