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DJ Shadow's Entroducing... album remains a bonafide classic to this day. On it Shadow completely wrote a new rule book for sample based production sculpting an incredibly unique tapestry out of reprogramming and layering pieces of other people's music. Since then he’s remained a culturally relevant figure working with James Lavelle on the first and classic UNKLE album, pioneering new and exciting forms of music on his Outsider and The Less You know, The Better albums and still touring as a fantastically skillful DJ.

Needless to say we’re all incredibly excited about his All Basses Covered 2013 tour hitting Room One a week on Friday and as Shadow’s one of those people whose music is a little bit universal, we asked the office what their favourite material of his was. Some people jumped straight to Entroducing..., others went for obscure remixes or DJ sets alongside Cut Chemist, but this is what we picked…

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1. DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
2. DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain-Scatter Brain
3. DJ Krush - Meiso (feat. The Roots) (DJ Shadow Remix)
4. DJ Shadow - High Noon
5. Depeche Mode - Painkiller (DJ Shadow Remix)
6. UNKLE - Nursery Rhyme Breather
7. DJ Shadow - Blood on the Motorway
8. DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World
9. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze
10. UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights


Friday 12th July

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