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Josh Wink

In our latest collaboratively compiled office playlist, we've picked acid God, Josh Wink as the focus. There's a couple of reasons why we're sharing 10 of our favourite tracks of his recording career the first being the affinity many of us have felt for his music over the years, from the mid 90's his tracks have soundtracked our clubbing years with their stunning feelings of tension and that 303 regalia. The second is that he's coming back to Farringdon this very Saturday to join Mr. C's Superfreq takeover of Room One - a party that has its own infamous reputation for the twisted and acidic - so it's quite apt we kick off the Josh Wink listening session with his own definition of a super freak with his 2002 track of the same name.

1. Josh Wink Superfreak (freak) (original mix)
2. Josh Wink - Are You There (Ben Klock Remix) [Ovum]
3. Josh Wink - Hows The Music (Original Philly Mix)
4. Josh Wink - Don't Laugh (Live Raw Mix)
5. Josh Wink - What Used To Be Called Used To Be
6. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk)
7. Josh Wink & Lil' Louis - How's Your Evening So Far? (Vocal Mix)
8. Josh Wink - Fill Me With Acid
9. Winks - Meditation Will Manifest
10. Josh Wink - BALLS (Groove Mix)


Saturday 18th January

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