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Plumbing The Depths Of Legowelt

Look at that picture (above). Please, go back and just take a minute to properly drink it all in.

The Dutch synthesizer wizard, Legowelt certainly comes across as a character - I mean, look at him, sat up there on two toned red shag carpet surrounded by his collection of hardware in those crisssp white socks - but his music runs on the same sort of severely ambitious, bonafide obsessive kind of keel. It's exactly this personality that makes his music so fantastic to listen to though. Born of the rave it both provides for it and pastiches it, dances around it and then jumps right into it so, ahead of his appearance in Room Two this Friday night (3rd July), where he'll be playing alongside the Hoya:Hoya residents, we thought we'd do a whip round the office and start an old school 'appreciation thread' the kind of which we all used to take so seriously back in the golden dubstepforum days...

If you've got any personal faves we should add please, feel free to hit us on twitter so we can have a listen and decide >>> @fabriclondon

You can watch our picks as a YouTube playlist here.

A few of the tracks included include:

Immensity of Cosmic Space
Rave Till Dawn
Disco Rout
Anaconda Flow
Wayfaring Stranger

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