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Billy Allen WetYourSelf! Promo Mix

If all the talk of August bank holiday is giving you itchy feet still trying to decide on the parties to tap up or sacrifice then follow us on our visit to WetYourSelf! next Sunday. In Room Two alone, German techno royal Chris Liebing performs live next to Aus regular Sian and London’s born and raised Billy Allen from the newly launched Candela Rising label all make for the central rhythmic components of a very special late night bank holiday affair. Influenced by the sounds of Regis, Surgeon and Luke Slater - Billy shows off his taste for intelligent, uncoventional techno beats with a brand new promo mix for WetYourself! polished off with a full tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD: Billy Allen WetYourSelf! Promo Mix

On the rest of WetYourSelf! August Bank Holiday, Marc Houle and Chloé join Cormac, Peter and Jacob in Room One and Lost Souls in Room Three.

1. Bandshell - Dog Sweater (Hessle Audio)
2. Untold - Kane (Hemlock Recordings)
3. Alexander D'neil - Tetroid [Tom Dicicco remix] (forthcoming on EarToGround)
4. Chris Page - Copper Pipe [Thomas Hessler remix] (forthcoming on Shapeless Records)
5. Solenoid - Featherman (Graphene)
6. Moerbeck - Empathie Bassline (Unreleased)
7. 3phazegenerator - Black Lilac [Audio Injection remix] (Freitag Limited)
8. Jeff Derringer & Raiz - Deceit [Edit Select remix] (Electric Deluxe)
9. DBX - Losing Control (Peacefrog Records)
10. Patrick Gil - Li Jet [Jeroen Search remix] (forthcoming on Dope Ass Techno)
11. Chris Page - Derailleur [Rebekah remix] (forthcoming on Affin Records)
12. Alexander D'neil - Klona (forthcoming on EarToGround)
13. Exploit feat. Woo York - Frozen [Audio Injection remix] (Mutex Recordings)
14. l1 Ambivalent - Bulb [Mas Teeveh remix] (Bass Assault Records)
15. Reeko - Segmento 1 (Mental Disorder)
16. Function - Descending (Sandwell District)
17. Dax J & Gareth Wild - Revok [Phase remix 2] (forthcoming on EarToGround)

Sunday 26th August

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