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One production outfit we were watching with increasing interest in 2009 were the Netherlands-based duo of Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk aka June Miller. Working at a mixture of tempos between 140 and 170, they are one of a growing number of producers taking a leaf from the Autonomic book and shunning the genre restrictions of either dubstep or drum & bass;  simply sticking to the mantra of if it sounds good do it. The result is some really inspiring electronic music, all underpinned by weighty low-end, forward thinking rhythm arrangements and plenty of feeling.

Head on over to Kmag where they've got a great Q&A with the boys and an awesome mix to download that glides from 140 bass into some great techy stuff at 170 that includes plenty of June Miller gems as well as bits from Scuba, Jack Sparrow, Spectrasoul, Alix Perez and Sabre.


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