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Prince Language - Exclusive Mix

Sometimes, every now and again, you'll find yourself scrolling through the boundless list of mixes on your iPod and end up with nothing that quite satisfies your mood. Pop on one and, for one reason or another, it just doesn't speak to you. Pop on another, and it's the same boring, artless tracks that everyone else has put into their mixes that week. Well, good people...Chicagoan-turned-NewYorker DJ and remixer extraordinaire Prince Language has come to save the day. Before he comes to hit you with the freshness next Saturday with his DFA fam in Room Three (did you catch that? We'll bold it up to ensure it makes an indelible mark in your memory: SATURDAY, 5 JUNE), and before you slide from Friday evening right on into your weekend...get your download on and coast through some righteously infectious grooves. We'll leave you with Prince and his Language skills with a description of the lovely mix. Enjoy.

Download: Prince Language - fabric Promo Mix

Summer's almost here in New York City, and I felt like making a mix that gives you a taste of my favorite time in the city. This is how, and what we get down to here when it gets hot. We get together and dance on rooftops at night, in the park on Sunday afternoons, and in dark, hot, sweat-box lofts until the morning with all our friends at once. A big chunk of this mix is devoted to the sounds that those friends are making. There's an amazing crew of DJs, producers, musicians, dancers, and party people making and propagating incredible music here, keeping our traditional native rhythms fresh and dirty. They're what keeps me here, paying too much rent and spending an ungodly amount of time in a grimy basement studio in the Lower East Side working on things like this. The mix has some great new and yet-to-be-released tracks from friends like Shit Robot featuring Saheer Umar of House Of House, Jacques Renault, Dr. Dunks, Bim Marx, and myself all representing for New York, and some other newish jams alongside a few favorite slept-on vintage cuts.

There's a ton of really good new house music coming out at the moment that nods firmly to the past without sounding too retro or nostalgic, and my selections here slant a bit in that direction (I was born in Chicago, after all), but I'd like think that this mix - and what I play in general when I DJ reflects that sensibility and idea of history in a more general sense. The dude around three and a half minutes in pretty much says it all: don't worry about the labels. Enjoy, and hope it gets you moving...

- Prince Language

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