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Renaissance Man

The level of comedy and sheer tomfoolery that's injected into today’s fidget (or whatever you call it) house music is turning dance floors into a right ol' hootenanny, with the heads down approach being replaced with a complete 'Sod it. Go mental' attitude. For as much enjoyment as the audience get out of it, the producers feed off of the laughs-to-be-had just as much. More notable key figures among the pack are Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird crew or Jesse Rose, but crops of talent have been doing their thing in the field over the past couple of years, and take themselves even less seriously.

Take Renaissance Man for example; two dudes from Finland, whose songs such as 'Spraycan' (oozing with a wild carnival flava) and 'Answers' with Teki Latex (a heartfelt parody of the gospel preaching in house music) take the silliness of fidget house to a whole new plain. It's not about having a stab at musical styles or taking the mick just to have some fun, as Renaissance Man themselves put it they aim to "craft house music without boundaries."
Ahead of their set 4th June for Plump DJs new Grand Hotel takeover, RM have given us access to a recent set they laid down for Tokyo-based fashion brand Roc Star.

Fellas: get on the flower shirt.
Ladies: get into a hula skirt, crank it to 11 and go loopy!

Download: Renaissance Man - Roc Star Tokyo mix

1) Renaissance Man - Theme from Massage
2) Renaissance Man – Wahhagoogoo
3) Two Finnish Guys & A Drum Machine - Beefy Queen
4) Renaissance Man - Scat Track (Buried Treasure Mix)
5) The Rude – Ocsid
6) Renaissance Man – Babbadabba
7) DJ Scorpion Team - Can I Party?
8) Poni Hoax - Bankers (Renaissance Man Remix)
9) Thomas Von Haapman - Never Get Enough
10) Norman Palm - Easy (Renaissance Man Remix)

Photo: Knotan

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