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Welcome to the wonderful world of Riva Starr, a DJ whose diary is packed out until the end of 2010 and whose new album ‘If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade’ is quickly becoming a massive success in the dance music world. So what’s the story behind his sudden burst into stardom? Naples born Stefano Miele is no stranger to producing, originally cutting his teeth on the scene peddling a vibrant strain of Breakbeat under the guise of Madox. Eventually he started remixing house tracks and captured the attention of Jesse Rose and Claude Von Stroke who both became huge fans after hearing his Snatch! remixes. Since then he’s released on Made To Play, DirtyBird and Fatboy Slim’s famous Southern Fried Records.

Stef’s distinctive style is full of inspiration from his native Balkan music scene, as well as eclectic beats and World influences. Not to mention his “Snatch” method of music making, the idea of snatching or pickpocketing other ideas and styles to create his own, gypsy-infused House collages. You’ll hear some of this in his track 'FanfarOne,' a little beauty he’s put out to celebrate his appearance at fabric tonight.

Download: Riva Starr - 'FanfarOne'


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