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Shed - 'The Killer' Album Previews

Sometimes you can instantly sense greatness when a new album is announced. There are times when a record has an almost instinctively positive effect on its privileged first listeners who are all seen to be clamouring to sing its praise right from the get go. Shed’s latest work, ‘The Killer’, which is set for release on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label, is one such an example, having garnered support from all the main players in record time.

Produced during March this year, the album was specifically focussed at purely exploring techno - a decisive movement away from previous works that brought influences of electronica, dubstep and bass weight into his mixes. What we get is something that shifts upwards from drone, coursing with a sub laden boom of electrifyingly advanced techno but it’s a collection that is still increasingly varied. After all, Shed ‘doing techno’ doesn’t really fit comfortably amongst his peers; it just pushes him even further into the limelight as a proper and unique talent.

The album is not out until the end of July but in the interim period you can have a listen to the previews in this player and of course, also catch him here in Farringdon next Saturday where he’ll be joined by Marcel Dettmann and Blawan in Room Two.


Saturday 23rd June

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