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Sigha - Influences Mix for FABRICLIVE

Sigha, pronounced 'sigh-er,' is one of those names you look forward to seeing cropping up on any retailer’s newsletter or radio playlists. With a 12” release on the Bristol based Immerse Records and three to date on Scuba’s subsidiary imprint, Hotflush Two, the London based producer has crafted a heavily stylistic blend of nocturnal dub techno; a sound that eschews any obvious four four traits bar the pulsing kick drums.

His work on tracks like ‘Bruised’ displays an echo laden percussion technique that sits atop his perfectly harnessed vividness of low end frequencies. Managing to sound warm and engulfing despite the grayscale components Sigha injects little flourishes of sound into his tracks that drive through the mix, whether it’s the woodblock snap on ‘On The Strip’ or the tortured screech and conga rolls on ‘Expansions’ - its endlessly impressive.

Ahead of his performance in Room Two on 2nd April – where he joins Scuba, Peverelist, Youngsta, Komonazmuk, F and Cyrus on a incredible bill – we simply asked Sigha to put together a mix. Being the kind of meticulous guys he is he took the idea and ran with it; charting for us his not-so-obvious-if-you-listen-to-his-records influences, ably joining the dots between the post rock of Explosions In The Sky, the musical theatrics of Sigur Ros and the rawk pomp of And You’ll Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

“I’ve never put anything like this together before,” he admits candidly. “I wanted to put something together that represented the frame of mind I find most inspiring to create. Some tracks are on here almost in their entirety and others I’ve just taken clips of... I guess in that respect it’s more of a sonic collage than a mix.”

“Obviously there are a lot of more electronic artists that have been a massive influence on me, like Basic Channel, Monolake, Mika Vanio.... I could go on [and on]. I wanted to try and showcase a side of music that I love that might not be so obvious.”

Download: Sigha – Influences mix for FABRICLIVE


Spiritulized - Pure Phaze
The Velvet Underground - The gift
The Acid Mothers Temple - Aladin Kane
Explosions In The Sky - The Birth and Death Of The Day
Six By Seven - Ten Places To Die
Talk Talk - The Rainbow
And You'll Know Us By Trail Of Dead – Invocation
My Bloody Valentine – Touched
Aphex Twin – Hedphylm
Future Sound Of London - Bird Wings
Sae Food - Intro Whispers
Mogwai - Sine Wave
My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows Where
The Velvet Underground – Heroin
Sonic Youth – Providence
Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been
LFO - Unafraid To Linger
My Vitriol - Under The Wheels
Photek - Lost Blue Heaven
Sigur Ros - Glosoli

Speech excerpts taken from: Stalker, A Scanner Darkly and Jamm
Photo: Jimmy Mould

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