5 Minutes with... Guido Schneider

With an absolute visionary state of mind, Guido Schneider has been at the the very forefront of Berlin’s electronic music scene since the early 90’s. He's well recognized as an international producer - namely because of his intricate relationship with Steve Bug and his peerless Poker Flat staple - having released a distillation of countless EPs and a debut album in 2006.

Playing blistering live shows across all parts of the globe, Guido will swoop down on Room One on Saturday 6th October to present a masterclass in future-facing techno and evolving, emotive deep house appearing next to fabric 66 mixer Matthias Tanzmann, Clockwork and Hypercolour's own Alex Jones. Before they come together under one roof for the first time, we caught up with Guido to see just what he's been upto.

Hi Guido. How is your life in Berlin? What is a normal day like living in the city for you?
A normal day starts 8.30 am for me. Then I have to wait for two hours till my hard drive is mounted. Usually it's noon and I have lunch. After lunch I take a rest and finally it's 8:30 pm. Time to watch TV. Finish. The next day is coming. I'm joking. While I'm producing in the studio I do homework with my daughter cooking almost every day and never check emails. Normal stuff like everybody.

Can you tell us about your live performance coming to Room One next Saturday? What’s your equipment set up and what journey do you plan to take the crowd on?
My equipment set up is the same every time. A huge controller for Ableton live and a powerful sound card with 10 outputs for a good sound quality. I plan to take you on a journey like you already said in the question. Never ending powerful groove and hypnotic and spooky atmospheres.

Who else do you look to for inspiration in their live performance?
It's a long time ago that I saw somebody else playing live in a club. The only live sets I see are from the 70's and 80's. Pink Floyd etc.

What was it that first drew you to release on Poker Flat and how's your relationship with Steve Bug these days?
We had a really nice time and saw each other continuously. But in the last couple of years we lost each other out of view. You know an artist is forever alone.

You also released your debut album, ‘Focus On’ on Pokerflat in 2006. Are there plans for a follow up album anytime soon?
For 4 years I've tried to work on a new one but it's hard finishing it. Too many ideas got lost for remixes, maxi singles and EPs but I am on it.

What other exciting news do you have to tell us?
Good music is coming out right now; theres one EP on Moonharbour with a vocal track I did with Florian Schirmacher (Wareika, Glowing Glisses). I also have a nice EP on my brother's label Enough and many remixes coming.

Catch Guido in Room One on the 6th October.

Saturday 6th October

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