Four Hands Better Than One
Paul White & Bullion

Paul White & Bullion are quite simply two of the most talked about music producers this year. Hailing from London town, they’re both signed to the home grown independent music label, One-Handed Music and to date they’ve both tasted critical success; Bullion with the massive track ‘Get Familiar’ and Paul White with his debut LP, ‘The Strange Dreams Of Paul White,’ to name but a few of their production triumphs.

But much as we wanted to ask them intricate production questions about the pros and cons of quantization and or the strengths and constraints of matrix mapping, we thought it would be nicer to get back down to the grass roots of their human tale and learn a little about the people behind the music. Sometimes it’s nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth right?

Hi guys, how are you both?
Bullion: You have to say good don’t you? Otherwise you just seem ungrateful for everything. I am feeling good though...
Paul White: I’m good, thanks.

What have you been up to for the past two weeks?
Bullion: Been thinking on and off about this girl I met recently in Notting Hill called Shimar, she never called and it could’ve been so nice!
Paul White: Just in the studio mostly. Finishing a new 12", some other stuff, and just doing random beats!

So where did you grow up and what were you listening to?
Bullion: Acton, West London. Garage and Rap most of the time.
Paul White: I grew up in South East London and listened to a lot of stuff growing up from Michael Jackson to Nirvana to Portishead to Wu Tang to techno, different groups of people I was around.

Why did you decide to go down the musical route?
Bullion: I wanted to make Garage.
Paul White: I've always just loved making and listening to music!

How would you describe your sound and which genre would place it in?
Bullion: Slow Garage...? I dunno...
Paul White: If I had the choice I wouldn't describe it or put it in a genre... if it were up to me.

Pic: Bullion

What was the name of the first track you made and what did you use to make it?
Bullion: Would’ve had a terrible name like "keep searching" or "change something". I was sentimental as hell when I started making stuff! I used music2000.
Paul White: One of the first would have been 'Purple Wizards' on Guitar and voice.

Who’s your favourite producer and MC combination?
Bullion: Jay Dee and Keith Murray. I know they hardly did anything but i could listen to Keith Murray all day, and with Jay Dee producing, that’d be even nicer!
Paul White: There are so many greats but just cause I grew up on them; RZA and ODB are an ill match!

If you could go on to have the same level of success of one other artist; who would you wish it to be?
Bullion: I like the way Steve Gurley did things. He always seemed quiet and in the background, just making tracks with feeling and getting on with it. Dunno what he’s doing now but he was one of the best if not THE best at making garage as far as I’m concerned.
Paul White: Well you got to aim high so someone like Joe Zawinul who got to do so much different amazing music with so many different amazing artists.

Making beats and DJing seem to go hand in hand these days, but which do you prefer?
Bullion: Producing (on a good day).
Paul White: MAKING BEEAATTSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I don't like being up on stage!

What are your favourite samples that you’ve used in one of your records?
Bullion: I wouldn’t wanna list them coz I might’ve tried to hide them in a track!
Paul White: Errrrr would rather not name these, but it's probably some crazy electronic stuff!

Name the last 5 tracks played on your i-Tunes.
Bullion: Womack & Womack ‘MPB,’ Micachu ‘Curly Teeth,’ Kieran White ‘Lay Your Love Down,’ Mocky ‘Somehow Someway’ and Tightface ‘Track18’ off his new CD.
Paul White: The J Rocc podcast on Benji B, a Georgia Anne Muldrow beat, Madlib on RadioNova, an Unknown German electronica group and a Karriem Riggins beat.

Pic: Paul White

Paul, your LP is called The Strange Dreams Of Paul White, so we gotta ask, what was your last dream about?
Paul White: Vampires...

Bullion, Young Heartache was your last EP, so when’s the last time you had your heartbroken?
Bullion: When I was 18.
Paul White: Today when I saw my poor SP1200 sitting unused in the corner!

So guys, tell us, what’s love got to do with it?
Bullion: Aah it’s pretty much everything, no?!
Paul White: Everything, right?

What was the last meal you had?
Bullion: Chicken Taouk wrap. Well good
Paul White: Pizza.

What time do you go to sleep?
Bullion: Changes every night, I like late nights and early mornings though.
Paul White: All different times....

There have been so many interviews and features about the both you in recent months; so if you could flip it round, what would you ask the journalists?
Bullion: Got any better questions?
Paul White: Have you ever heard Charles Dodge's ‘He Destroyed Her Image?’

For more information on both producers check out:

And, as a taster, a quick internet scour turned up a mix from Bullion and free download of the title track from Mr White’s new digital only EP ‘The Punch Drummer’.

Download: Bullion’s ‘Mixed Up In Love II mix
(Tracklist available after the jump)

Download: Paul Whites’ 'The Punch Drummer (Extended Version)’

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