Going On & On With Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller was first consumed into the glitchy, dark and rhythmical realm of electronica after listening to the workings of Richie Hawtin’s popular alias Plastikman. Following his strength to spark a highly identifiable sound, it wasn't long until Berlin's BPitch imprint opened the floodgates and let Thomas jump the big techno waves alongside label boss Ellen Alien, Modeselektor, Kiki and Sascha Funke…to name but a few.

Joining the huge roster of artists for this weekend's On & On & On dance marathon, unsuspecting heads and feet will get delightfully pushed onwards by Muller’s heavily-detailed beats. Here we discover what makes the BPitch French native go On and On, with support from a pummeling promo mix taken live from the Boogybytes Release Party in 2008.

Download it HERE.

What track can you listen to on & on?
To Plastikman - consumed as one long track.

What club/party/festival can you play at on & on?

At the Panoramabar (Berghain) on a Sunday.

What BPitch story/memories can you listen to on & on?
BPitch Control Sonar Party 2009: Boat & the Beach. We arrived on the boat at 5am with the BPitch artists and the staff very sleepy. For ten hours we stayed on the boat. Totally sea sick. I played barefoot because Gabriel Annanda told me that I would feel better without my shoes and I was puking all the time before I started my live set. The DJ booth was on the top of the boat under the full sun. My eyes were bloody and the sun was darkening my laptop screen. But acutally the crowd had so much positive energy that it was a super good feeling and I played very well.

Then we all had to play on the beach behind the Barcelona Airport. Right after the boart party and with the same crew. We couldn't stand on the sand, the ground was moving and we had to grab something to hold on all the time, otherwise we would have fallen down on the ground like some alcoholics. It was a great souvenir with BPitch Control. There are probably still some crazy pictures online about this day.

Best BPitch party you played on & on?
Beghain BPC Showcase in 2009.

What DJ could you play with on & on?
Ellen Allien.

What friends would you take to the dancefloor on & on?
All of them and as much as I can.

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