Hear Dusk & Blackdown Recorded Live at Reconstrvct in New York

A lot’s been said about the Keysound label’s recent renaissance; the outfit’s steadfast focus on its cluster of talented producers and the work they’ve been collectively producing. Albums from Logos, Wen and a just announced second record for the label LV have all been incredibly well received and if anything else, those long players only serve to underline and highlight in a thick red sharpie the ideas and ethos of the imprint. Run by Dusk & Blackdown, there’s always been a very particular element to Keysound material, whether that’s the space, the bass or the rolling club mindedness of it all but it’s never been so much of a definable thing (and it never should be). To me, that’s why the boss duo’s Rinse FM broadcasts are so interesting and listenable, because amongst all of it, it’s just them trying to make sense of and find a theme through the music they’re sent.

Ahead of the upcoming Keysound takeover of Room Three on Friday 16th May we’re archiving a Dusk & Blackdown set that was recorded live at Reconstrvct in New York a month or so back. It’s a driving example of the way they play when in front of a reactionary crowd and it proves to be the perfect pace marker for next week when Dusk and Blackdown will be joined by LV and Joshua Idehen, Wen, Sully, E.M.M.A, Etch and Parris up in Room Three…

Download: Reconstrvct & Big Up Magazine Present XVII: Keysound Invades To Save New York

No tracklist needed.

This set was recorded live on 29th March 2014 in a Brooklyn basement, this is Dusk + Blackdown shutting down the sold-out dance. Much love to the Keysound bosses for putting it all on the line and to Wen, Beneath and Parris for showing us what sound systems are made for. Shouts to the whole Reconstrvct family, Joe & Luke McCann, True Nature, Joe Nice, Tsunami Bass Sound, and especially to Katya Guseva at Big Up Magazine for the in-depth feature on Dusk + Blackdown [Long In The Game Issue 16] along with the stunning Atelier Olschinsky, Shaun Bloodworth, and Stefan Zsaitsits art installations upstairs. Low Frequency With Decency.

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