High Fidelity

As we longingly look out the window, daydreaming of blazing English summers in the capital - sipping shandys, daytime debauchery, al-fresco dining...it’s fitting that the much hyped (and rightly so) Hot City brings a bit of the outdoors indoors for a Room Three rave up at the end of this month. Expect the bassbin-bashing Hot City to deliver a unique mash of 2-step twinged, Old Skool twanged dance musique for your raving pleasure...with a good ol' fashioned helping of juke to top it off. Unmissable, truly.

As the summer really begins to kick in (ish), we quizzed HC for his top things to do during the summer months in the Hot City that is London. A gentleman despite his intriguingly mysterious persona, Hot City dipped into his picnic basket and pulled out his current top five bangers on an extra platter just for you. Bet his set will last longer than the weather, eh?

Top 5 forthcoming - weather depending - London jaunts:
1.    Erm, Hot City @ Fabric on the 26th June?!
2.    Blackout Crew & DJ Guy @ How’s My Raving?, 17th July.
3.    Drinking Alpine lager outside any Samuel Smith pub if it’s sunny!
4.    Buying some fresh Tofu from the Japan Centre and eating it in a park nearby.
5.    Glow in the dark bowling at AMF Bowling in Lewisham (or a less glow in the dark version at Trocadero).

Top 5 Belters
1.    Zomby – Pumpkinheads Revenge (RAMP)
2.    $tinkworx – Coelacanth (Strange Life)
3.    Lil Silva – Different (White)
4.    Shortstuff – A Rustling (RAMP)
5.    Ian Round – Trippin (Monkey Beats)

Ready your bass faces people...
And check Hot City’s Myspace for more info - www.myspace.com/hotcitybass

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