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5 top 5's with MATT TOLFREY

Humble beginnings are a familiar story in electronic music and Matt Tolfrey has come along way from playing his local bars, turning out residencies at Nottingham institutions The Bomb and Stealth. After lining up alongside luminaries such as Villalobos, Hawtin, Lazarus and Weatherall, Tolfrey decided rocking dance floors wasn’t enough to quench his passion, and with his tireless energy and enthusiasm for music he birthed the Leftroom imprint and its subsidiary Leftroom Limited.

Matt will again be giving his all this Saturday, dishing out some of his trademark hypnotics, so we took him to one side and quizzed him a little, prompting him to pick 5 of his top 5s...

(and don't miss his banging Tyrant-inspired mix after the jump - get clicking)

5 films you’d have on play while you’re djing:
• Ong Bak - Best martial arts movie ever.
• Top Gun - Absolute classic.
• Anchorman - If it was in another room where we could have the sound on.
• Bloodsport - My most watched movie of all time, cheesy as obviously!
• Clockwork Orange - Just for the bizarreness of it...

5 tracks that never leave your record box:
• Johnny Fiasco - Take Five - Not all that old, but won't leave.
• DJ Ali - You Don't Know - My favourite Classic release to date, and recently Luke Solomon asked Inxec and Myself to remix it, can't wait!
• Trackheadz - That Club Track - Best intro of all time!
• Brett Johnson and Dave Barker - Temptations and Lies - Brings back great memories the whole time, and I am glad Cynosure are just about to re-release it with new remixes by Brett, Deadbeat and Chic Minature.
• Metro Area - Miura - One of the best end of night tracks around, and an absolute, never to be repeated again classic.

5 DJs/artists to watch:
• Deniz Kurtel - Wolf and Lamb's secret weapon, watch this space!
• Ryan Elliot - His set at DEMF was the best I have heard in the past 12 months. Can't wait till our back2back session at Panorama Bar on 9th November.
• Eric Johnston - One of my new signings to the label, he proves that growing up in Detroit really does give you that edge!
• Visionquest - Their remix of Kiki is set to be one of the tunes of the year without a doubt. Let's see what they do with Inxec and Myself's new Crosstown Rebels track called 'Real Talk.'
• No Regular Play - The boys from Brooklyn never let me down. They pour a great glass of champagne too. Once again, watch this space!!!

5 requests the crowd have made that have never left your memory:
• 'Can you put a donk on it mate?' - Asked to me in Preston, I nearly fell over with laughter.
• 'Are you going to finish soon and let Matt Tolfrey on mate?' - I'm on at the moment...
• 'Are you going to play your Cocoon track?' - It's on right now mate!
• 'What time do you actually start?' - One of my highly excited mates standing next to me in fabric's Room One booth. I'd been playing for about 2 hours.
• 'Oh, I like this one!' - My Mum's comment to me after already hearing 2 and a half hours of my set at Fabric. Cheers Mum!!!

5 things you’d advise your younger self if you met him in some strange parallel universe…
• Remember that you actually have to pay back your student loan!
• Save up for 1210's, you're only gonna want them if you don't get them first!
• You're allergic to beer, stop drinking it! Move onto cider or vodka soon!
• Stay away from Seth Troxler or Lee Curtiss or their sons/daughters - they are trouble!!!
• Try and finish your degree, you'll regret it when you’re older!

Staying one step ahead of the game as usual… Mr Tolfrey has kindly given us an exclusive 30min mix…

Download: Matt Tolfrey - Promo Mix for Tyrant @ fabric

Matt Tolfrey promo mix for Tyrant by fabric

A naughty little preview of what can be expected on Saturday if you like. Go on... get your funk on.

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