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Tim Green's Record Preservation Society (with exclusive mix)

Earlier this month, we were all shocked by the news that long established Soho record shop, Harold Moores was closing for a re-fit and in order to prepare its shop for a revamp, staff chucked out thousands of records – dumped in a skip outside for anyone to just walk past, jump in and pick up what was thought to be up to 20,000 rare musical gems. Unfortunately we missed out on the gold mine and have been kicking ourselves ever since but with the dream still alive, we caught up with techno veteran Tim Green to ask him, if he had been in Soho that day which records would he have saved and why?

The Dirtybird/Cocoon stalwart has also given us an exclusive mix to download which burns a raucous party atmosphere and has been heating up the fabric office of late.

Download: Tim Green - fabric Promo Mix

1. Pat Metheny - As Falls Wichita
Pat Metheny Group can do no wrong in my opinion. This is one of my many favourite records by Pat Metheny, due to childhood memories mainly. Only 5 tracks on here I think, but all really long and interesting Jazz; kinda similar in feel to Miles Davis’ ‘In A Silent Way.

2. Jeff Buckley – Grace
One of the most haunting and beautiful albums; it’s a real favourite of mine. An absolute perfect record in my opinion; everyone should have a copy of this!

3. Bjork - Vespertine
I love everything Bjork does, but this is my favourite record by her. She always has the ability to re-invent herself. She can always get away with just realising any type of music she wants; people expect it from her :) This album though is brilliant for the use of technology and tiny sounds, mixed with incredible choirs and orchestras. The group Matmos was a huge part to this album also.

4. Daft Punk - Discovery
This is the record that got me into dance music. Funnily enough it wasn't ‘Homework’ (just because I heard ‘Discovery’ first tbh). But I’d never heard anything like them before.

5. Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue
A recent addition to my favourite records, I really can’t stop listening to it. The title track is incredible and is what I first heard from the album. Sounds just like a road trip to me. Plus it’s on Warp, who are easily one of the best labels in the world. Such a great mix of musical styles all perfectly working together – a super talented artist.

6. DJ Shadow - Entroducing
This record definitely should be saved. If you haven't heard this album then you should punish yourself! Another record that got me into dance music heavily. The ‘Changeling’ track is my favourite, especially as its time signature is 7/4 or 14/8.

7. Rowan Blades, Chris LakeFilth (Andy Page Remix)
Getting back to dance music, this was an incredible remix in my opinion. I used to really love breaks, also a lot of the progressive stuff. It had such incredible atmosphere but with the crispest beats. It was so futuristic when I heard it. Andy Page has some incredible production skills.

8. Illogic & Raf - Could It Be
I was into drum and bass a long time before I started producing techno/house. I learnt to DJ with drum and bass and used to produce it. This was my favourite record from that time. It has everything I loved about drum and bass - moody, trippy and rolling!

9. Gaiser - Egress
This record still blows me away. So futuristic, it influenced me so much. The best groove on any record. Ridiculously funky!

10. JD - Sealed Up
I think if this album exists anywhere, it would be in a record shop like Harold Moores. It’s a brilliant folk/country album by an English musician, with the most incredible songs - in a very similar vein to Sparklehorse. I made a copy on minidisc from a good friend from college whose step Dad engineered on the record I think but I’m pretty sure it never came out; maybe only on promo copies in record stores. So I’m not even sure if that was the name of the LP, or even what the track names are, but it’s got such great songs.

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