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Harri & Domenic On 20 Years Of Subculture

There’s pretty much just one party in the world that has - for 20 years - delivered week on week; uniting people with good music and fun, with no exceptions: Harri & Domenic’s Subculture residency at Glasgow’s infamous Sub Club. Scotland’s licencing laws are a lot more limited in terms of extended partying than England’s so Subculture’s story comes with a lot of tales of incredibly spirited partying being densely packed into the weekly four hour slot that the host venue is open. Whilst you could easily bemoan the shorter sessions, it’s actually given more to the vibe of the party. With people wanting the most from their night out that expectancy feeds into the DJ’s actively supercharging the selection and switching effortlessly and effectively between vibes and styles – a trait that many of Sub Club’s best known alumni (think Jackmaster and Optimo) have become famed for.

Perhaps it is that time limit and the perpetual rush it imposes that has helped create a bit of Subculture’s notoriety, but it also undoubtedly comes from its residents, a pair of DJs who, both drawing influence from Detroit and Chicago, know how to properly rock the floor. Obviously come a Saturday night, there’s no other place in the world Harri & Domenic would rather be than in charge of the Subbie, but as part of their 20 Years of Subculture celebration they’re making an exception to the rule and voyaging down to our Room Three to instil a bit of their fine-tuned sonic experience right here in London.

Read on to hear first-hand about the pair’s take on the story behind one of the longest weekly house music residencies on the planet and check the Boiler Room B2B session we’ve dropped in at the end to witness exactly what goes down when this pair are in charge of the 1210s.

What did the world look like back when you started subculture?
It was in black and white.

What motivated you to start subculture 20 years ago?
Someone asked us.

This year it seems that being a resident came into fashion… but what do you think you have got from being on the same dancefloor every week instead of pursuing being a DJ on the circuit?
I’ve spent almost half my life playing every Saturday at the club , we have gotten to build something that's unique and something that's become a massive part of ours and other people’s lives.

What’s your craziest and most affectionate memory out of the last 20 years?
Not telling tales on anyone so will leave some of the craziest stories out, so many happy and funny memories and I've probably forgotten so many. I do remember the time a bride and groom decided to blank their wedding reception and brought everyone down to the club instead. The bride in her very expensive looking wedding dress jackin away the whole night on the dance floor with the biggest smile on her face is something I won't forget though. House music = joy.

What do you love about Glasgow the most?
The people, their sense of humour and their enthusiasm for having fun and enjoying themselves no matter what shit they are going through.

Do you ever get to a Saturday night and wish you didn’t have to go back to the club?
What for you have been the most exciting periods you’ve lived through as DJ’s like musically – when you felt that the records people were making were the best?
The music from Prescription, Red Planet, U.R, DJAXX, Irdial Discs, Happy Records, Peace Frog, Cajual, Relief, Basic Channel, Planet E, Blue Cucuracha, Evolute and Strictly Rhythm circa early 90's was a golden time and most of them still sound fresh now.

What’re the three records you’d play to someone to sum up what subculture is about?
That’s impossible to do.


Saturday 9th August

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